Stay in the lane where peace will prevail

Comparison is a killer. It kills joy, it kills peace, it kills progress. It kills your calling. Whatever God called you to do can be muddied by the troubled waters of comparison. Comparison is not a river of pure water. It is a stream of doubt, fear, disappointment and confusion. Comparison gives you a picture of yourself that is far from being perfect. It takes what looks like a picture-perfect situation and it develops a film of self-deprecation and an inferiority complex. Don’t adhere to the stories comparison projects in your mind. Don’t let it write a novel of failure in your head. Stay in the race that was meant just for you. You are not to be like anyone else. Someone else’s race shouldn’t become a challenge to you.

The more you focus on others’ progress, the more you will create obstacles on your own journey. The hurdles that are born out of comparison with others can turn into walls. They can wall you in and keep you from seeing God’s plan for your life. When you compare yourself with others, you measure the plan for your life with the wrong ruler. You let someone else’s performance dictate what yours should be like. God holds the measuring stick for your life. Other people don’t. God is the One with the perfect roadmap for your life. Other people don’t have a map for you. We all are in different spiritual and emotional locations. Those locations are the comfort zones that God created and that good grounds from which we can grow. You and I are where we are for a reason and with the guidance of the Holy Spirit, we will move, we will travel to new regions, we will take off and we will fly when it’s God’s timing.

If you are stuck in a mental environment that is not conducive to peace, joy and love (including self-love) today because you keep comparing yourself to others, take a step outside of that space now.
Remove yourself from that situation. Go in a different direction. Take God’s path and abandon the roads that are not leading you to the fulfillment of God’s plan for your life. Let God guide you and let Him open your eyes to what He has for you. Prayer is the area that will give you the GPS that directs you toward the right destination. Take your eyes off other people and keep your eyes on the Lord. Use prayer time as a time of disconnecting from the world and reconnecting with the Lord. God has a plan that is custom made and that fits you like a glove. Begin or restart the process of wearing that plan today. It looks good on you so let God show you how His plan for your life is a perfect match for you. Getting there takes devotion time and reflection time. Devote yourself to prayer about your purpose in God daily and reflect with the help of the Spirit.

“Stay in your lane” can sound restrictive it but it is actually liberating.
You are not supposed to be in a lane where the race is too much for you. Your lane has the right parameters, the right length, the right objectives and the right conditions for you. When you mentally jump into someone else’s lane, you create what I call a “spiritual tornado.” You jump into a storm because you go into a place that you are not wired to understand and where confusion is a whirlwind that will leave you feeling less than adequate. You might want to be in that lane because it looks great on the outside and you think you deserve it but that lane doesn’t have your name on it and there is nothing in your “spiritual DNA” that shows you were born for that lane. Your lane has the fitted gear that will enable you to get to a higher spiritual and emotional level. God has a setup in your lane that will pave the way to success. The success He has planned for you. What you are going to do for God can be achieved in your own lane. Praise God for your lane and stay where growth, peace, joy and love will abound.

Suggested reading: 1 Corinthians 9:24-27; Hebrews 12:1; 2 Timothy 4:7

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