Praise God today more than ever

Praising the Lord should be at the same level all the time. We should be praising Him in good times and in bad times. If there is a time we might want to praise Him more it’s during the bad times. Praising Him is an act of faith and faith pleases God. Praising Him opens the doors to Heaven and brings the presence to the Lord into the scene. Your scene right now is most likely pretty dismal. With everything that is going on in the world, it would be hard not to feel stressed and discouraged. God sees your scene. God is familiar with your current scene. He knows how you are feeling and what you are going through. However, there are no scenes He can’t turn into peace. God can take the chaos you are experiencing and make it a peaceful scene. He can change you on the inside so you can deal better with the outside. The ugly scene that is before your very eyes every day will take time to be resolved but it doesn’t mean that you can’t go through it with peace. Praise is your best resort. It is what you and I need today.


You and I need to focus on the One who changes everything. Praise will change you so you can change the world around you. Praise will make you focus on Jesus so you can share Him with the world around you. Praise will heal you so you can help heal the world around you. Praise will give you strength so you can be strong for the people around you. Praise will increase your faith so you can deal with the world around you with blind faith. Praise will give God the glory so you can understand that you are nothing without Him. Praise will magnify Christ so the problems in your life can be minimized. Praise away today. I say praise and you won’t be defeated by the scene around you. Praise and magnify the Lord. Let Jesus be magnified today more than ever. Get going with the praise and the negativity will get out of your way. May Jesus be magnified. Everything is going to change for the best for you when you let Jesus be magnified. Let your praise be heard louder today more than ever before!

If there is one thing that stands out when we read the book of Psalms is that David was an amazing psalmist. He did not write all of psalms but most of them. His tone is sometimes sad, desperate, frightened but it is also joyful and full of praise. If you don’t know where to start with praise, start with the Psalms. Psalm 100 is a great praise Psalm. You will find some beautiful inspiration there. Praising the Lord is something that is in your heart as a Christian. You might be doing it regularly or you might need to learn how to unearth this gift in you but it is there. Praise is a weapon. It’s a weapon against the blues, against fear, against defeat, against discouragement. Many a times I have let myself become an instrument of praise when things were not going well in my life. I have given myself to praise like David the shepherd who was a psalmist. There are so many things that can defeat us and bring us down. There are so many opportunities for us to give up. It’s when things are tough that we have to get tougher and praise is a great way for us to get that tougher skin.


Like I said earlier, praise brings God onto the scene. Discouragement can be defeated by God. Anything negative and bad that you are going through can be defeated by God. When you praise, you give Him control. You let Him come in and do what He does best. First, He blesses you by changing your heart and putting hope in it and then He goes to work on your situation. There are better days ahead of you despite the epidemic and praise brings those better days to you today. In times like these you need to go to your refuge and get a refill of hope. Praise can get you there. You need to enter the Lord’s gates and stay in His house for a while. Praise can get you there. Decide today that you are going to praise instead of letting fear destroy your faith. These days can be challenging but the Lord is still with you. Praise will remind you of how present He is and how powerful He is. Praise Him and let doubt fall apart. Praise Him and let victory be in your heart and on your mind. Praise Him and He will reset your spirit. He has so much peace for you and He wants you to have it now. Let Christ be magnified today and tomorrow will look better than ever!

Suggested reading: Psalm 100; 1 Chronicles 16:23-31; Jeremiah 20:13

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