Touching God with your hand of faith

I can only imagine what it was like to see Jesus walking down the streets, blessing people, healing them and loving them. His compassion and love for people was out of this world. It still is. Jesus is still alive and He hasn’t changed one bit. When He was preaching and speaking to crowds, people tried to touch Him. They knew He was a healer and they wanted to touch Him to get a blessing or to get their healing. Some got healed when they touched Him and others didn’t receive anything. What made a difference? Faith is the key that made a difference. The woman with the issue of blood touched Jesus and she was highly blessed because of her faith. Her faith healed her Jesus said. She made contact with the Messiah and her faith connecting her to her miracle. Touching God with unbelief won’t get the job done.


We can go through the motions of religion and just do all that we are expected to do but if we don’t have faith, we won’t receive from God. Once Jesus noticed that the woman of faith had touched Him, He told her to go in peace and He proclaimed her freedom. She was freed from her suffering. We all have ailments and aches that we need to be freed from. Some are physical and others are emotional or spiritual. Whatever you need today, stretch out your hand of faith and touch God. Don’t just reach out and hope that maybe you will get something. Don’t do it with no expectations. Expect, believe, trust. Believe in Jesus the Savior and Jesus the healer. He is able and willing to heal you when your faith gets in contact with His power. Let’s your faith in the Healer be superior to your fear of not receiving freedom and healing.


I want my faith to heal me and bless me every time I need it. In order for that to happen, I need to have strong faith. I believe faith is something we should work and that we will always have to work on forever. We can always have more faith. We can always believe more. It is easier to have faith in something or someone we know well. The goal here is to get to know the Lord better and have a good understanding of who He is. Without reading His Word and spending time in prayer, chances are we will get to know a small part of who He is. We will not have this heart connection that is so important in the faith process. Knowing God with our minds and our intellects doesn’t suffice. There has to be a deeper connection. I had a partial understanding of how to get closer to God for a long time. I thought that as long as I felt good about Him and good about checking the boxes of being religious, I was all set. I had a mental and intellectual approach to who God was. It left me empty and it wasn’t fulfilling. When we let the Lord enter our hearts and make His home there, we are on the right track.


I have found that praying “God I want to know You better. Help me develop my faith in You. Guide me and bless you during this process” is a powerful prayer. It’s ok to ask for help from God for anything. I see how the Holy Spirit has been on my side guiding me and showing me how to build up my faith. Prayer has been phenomenal. It gives my spirit a spiritual jolt that I need every day. It anchors my heart in our Savior and it pushes fear and doubt out of my mind. Prayer is a daily occurrence. Without it I feel lost and I don’t make progress. Prayer, Bible study, meditation on the Word, and praise and worship are the perfect ingredients for developing faith. Add gratitude and remembering what God has done for you and your faith will get to where it should be. Practice those great spiritual habits regularly and when you are ready to reach out and touch the Lord, your faith will bless you and heal you. Touch God with your hand of faith and miracles will take place!

Suggested reading: Luke 8:43-48; Mark 5:34; Matthew 9:22

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