Laying at the Lord’s feet

For the past few days, I have been getting the message that I should lay at the Lord’s feet. I keep hearing deep inside my spirit “Lay at My feet. Lay everything at My feet.” This profound encouragement to be in reverence before God has been piercing my heart and touching my soul. I have complied and let myself be in adoration in front of Him. I have been getting this strong desire to just put everything in front of the Lord and let Him take it all. I have presented my life to Him and everything that is part of it. It is as if I were scanning my life and taking pieces of it that I offer to the Lord every day. Something new comes up every day and I give it to the Lord in prayer. This has made me realize how much I hold on to too many things and how much I wasn’t willing to let go. God wants us to surrender to Him in all we do. Giving Him total control is showing Him we have faith and we trust Him. He wants to be our source of peace and comfort. He wants to be the only One we trust completely for safety. We too often rely on our finances or possessions and use them as a safety net. Would you be willing to take a leap of faith with no visible materialistic safety net to catch you? Are you willing to have the Lord as your only safety net? He will catch you every time you fall. He will cover you with His protection so you can jump as high as possible. Today I want to encourage you to lay your life at the Lord’s feet. As you lay at His feet and humble yourself, He will show you His face.


Humbling myself before the Lord is a lesson I learned later in life. It is more than a lesson. It is a way of life that dictates our lives for the best when we do if often. The more we humble ourselves before Him, the more He has control. Pride can get in the way. It can be a subtle obstacle that is hard to see. I saw it clearly. I saw it for a while but I ignored it for a long time. I used to think I knew better and I could handle everything. God was my Lord but He was my second resort. He was my plan B and you know when you have God as your plan B, your plan A is not a solid plan. It is a plan based on your human abilities but this life requires more than our human talents. We face all types of adversity that are way bigger than what we can deal with. We need the Lord to make it in this life and when we don’t accept that reality, we must face the music and dance around peace without ever completely knowing it. We do a dance with steps that keep distancing us from the One true King. I didn’t want to live that life. I got tired of carrying everything and having to fend for myself. God showed me that it was time I let go and I never went back. I let go and I started the process of getting closer to Him and laying at His feet.


I have this powerful visual during prayer time of laying at the Lord’s feet. It is such an amazing place to be because that is where our hearts can encounter His. At His feet is where you find yourself face to face with your vulnerability and where you are exposed to His beauty. When you lay at His feet, your ego takes a backseat and His majesty is prevalent. I had a breathtaking experience back in October of last year when I felt the Lord’s presence so powerfully that all I could do was cry for over an hour. I was lying on the floor with my face down. I had rarely felt such a great love in a room like that in the privacy of my own home. God’s glory was everywhere and my heart was enthralled. I remember saying “If only people knew” over and over again. I lay at His feet and I couldn’t get up. I didn’t want to get up. I felt so not worthy. I felt it in my heart and I saw love in a raw version that seemed so rare. I go back to the glory in prayer often now and it happens when I humble myself and I let the Lord be Lord and do what He wants and tell me what He wants. He should always come first. He should always be in control. When we are at His feet, we can’t help but adore Him and thank Him for being God. My prayer is that you lay at His feet every day and that you give up every piece that keeps you away from Him. It is a life-long process that is very much worth it. Lay at the feet of the Lord and He will show you His face!

Suggested reading:  Jeremiah 29:13; Luke 10:39; John 10:17


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