Stay on the rooftops of victory

Nothing can separate you from God’s love. It’s the truth. Not just because I am saying it but because the Lord declared it in His Word and He never goes back on His Word. He promised that nothing and no one will ever separate you from His love. No event, no situation, no predicament can separate from God’s love. You might be knocked out now. You might be run down and not able to stand up but you will get up again. God’s love will make sure of it. Your current loss is not God’s final say. He has something to say about your situation and what He is saying is that your circumstances can’t get in the way of His love. He has you in the palm of His hand and He is going to restore you. You are going to be back on top as if you had never been at the bottom. God has a comeback for you that will make you forget what knocked you in the back. That blow from the enemy might have given you bruises and a few broken bones but the God of resurrection is going to give you life more abundantly and He is going to fix your bones and heal your wounds.


The powers of darkness can’t separate you from God’s love. They can make you believe that God has left you but it is all a lie. God’s love is invincible. God’s love will prevail. No matter where you are in life, God’s love is with you. His love is with you in the valley and it is with you on the rooftops of victory. Those rooftops that allow you to see everything from God’s perspective are always there. You are always welcome there. Don’t let doubt drag you down to the valleys. Don’t let your problems bring you down into the depths of despair. Stay on the rooftops of victory where God’s love is present, visible, tangible and dominant. You deserve to know love. You deserve to know God’s love. Stay on the rooftops of victory. The joy that is up there is out of this world and the peace that lives there surpasses all understanding. God’s love is always present but you and I need to be up where it is vibrating highly. We need to be on the higher level where there is no fear. There is no fear in perfect love so stay safe in the arms
of faith enjoying God’s embrace. Shout victory from the rooftops of God’s love!

Have you ever sat on a rooftop? Some of them are scary and they are not meant to be places where you should hang out. Other rooftops are dedicated spots for people to spend time and enjoy the view. God’s rooftops are the perfect locations for a time well-spent in great company. His rooftop is the place where you can go and be alone with Him. Once you are there it’s all about Jesus and all about His mind and His perspective. My rooftop of victory is my prayer room. It’s the highest room in my house and it is a great place for me to be isolated from the world. I love being up there because I can seek God’s face and the world fades away. We all need a place where we can hear from God and where we can disconnect from the world. My rooftop is a threshold for the Lord’s voice to enter and for me to celebrate Him and focus on Him. A rooftop is up there for a reason. It mimics closeness to God. At least that is how I perceive it. You might say that you don’t need to be up high to communicate with God. That is totally true but it’s a symbolic place and sometimes symbols help us see things better. It also allows me shut down the world and open up to the Lord. It is a mental thing that works for me. I love hanging out on my “rooftop” with the Lord. I am reminded of His goodness and I get a refill of His love.

Sometimes it is hard to climb up to the top and have some alone time with God. When we are tired, we can’t go up. When we are down, we don’t want to go up. The Bible says that even heights and depths can’t separate us from God’s love. God is so merciful and so good that He comes down to our level when needed. He brings down the rooftop so to speak. He gives us a hand and brings us back up. He lifts us up when we lift up His name. If you feel like you can’t get to the rooftop, let God meet you where you are. Invite Him when you are down in the valley. Sing His praises. Stir yourself up. Give your faith a boost by crying out to Him. He will get you to a higher level in no time. God is always on the top but it doesn’t mean He can’t find you down in the valley. He would leave the 99 to find you so don’t despair. He is taking you back to the top. His love is going to make it happen. Have faith that you can get back on the rooftops of victory. The victory is always yours in Jesus’ name. Celebrate Him on your way back to the top. Nothing can separate you from His love!

Suggested reading: Psalm 118:6; Jeremiah 1:19; Romans 8:31-39

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