Better days are coming

Yesterday was unusually warm and I couldn’t believe it was March. It felt like spring. Some people were wearing t-shirts and shorts. We had a nice preview of early summer. It was a nice break from the cold temperatures and the gloomy weather. Despite the events that are taking place in the world, people had a smile on their faces. Hope sprung for a day and sadness went away for a few hours. It made me think of how no matter what, spring always comes. No matter how cold and cloudy it is for months, nice weather always shows up. Friend, your spring is coming. You might have had a preview of it for a day or so but rest assured that it will come and it will be here for a while. Don’t lose hope. Your winter won’t last forever. Your pain and suffering are temporary. The joy that is to come is going to blow you away. Your current misery doesn’t compare to the joy that God has in store for you. God actually has joy for you and me all the time. His joy doesn’t rely on what season it is. It depends on the Lord and the Lord is consistent. He never changes.


Just like the great day we had in winter; you can expect some great days in the middle of your tribulations. God is going to turn up with a burst of spring in the middle of your winter. Better days are coming for you, friend. Better days are coming but if you take the time to see what today has to offer, you will see that God is with you in every moment of every day. He is by your side when you are having problems. He is by your side when you are sick. He is by your side when you have no money. He is there and his Spirit is singing over you and comforting you. God is not ignoring your suffering. We all go through tough winter months and He is bringing the best spring you have seen yet. Use this season to build up your praise and worship repertoire. Find the beauty under the ashes. See what the Lord is doing in your life. He is actively paving the way for more. Your better days are waiting at the door. Let them in with songs of praise. Invite them in with your thanksgiving and your gratitude. Let your words be words of affirmation of God’s goodness even when your body would rather sing a song of distress.


It’s easy to forget all the wonderful things the Lord has done for us when we are going through a tough time. It’s easy to forget what summer feels like when we are going through a rough winter. Rain or shine the Lord is the same. He can set the temperature of our spiritual body if we let Him. He can keep us in a state of peace and joy if we rely on Him in all types of circumstances. His Spirit is a thermostat that gives us what we need so we are never too cold and never too hot. However, His Spirit can bring on the fire that will burn all sorrow and sadness and that will set our hearts ablaze for the Lord. When we make it a habit to truly get into adoration mode and worship mode, all the anguish of the world fades away. Our problems seem to vanish and all our hearts want to do is praise the Lord. I have been there many times. I have gone through times when life was too much but a song of praise set me free and set me on the right path again. Sometimes all it takes is a song of reverence and the Lord’s presence takes care of everything.


God has amazing days ahead of you and He is going to do a new thing in your life. He is taking you from glory to glory and what is ahead of you is much more powerful than what you have been through. God has the ability to make you forget all the hardships, the heartaches and the headaches. When things are going wrong, you get off-center. You are not balanced and you tilt to one side, the wrong side. Reposition yourself today. Find balance by seeking the Lord’s face. Spend time in prayer and praise and your spiritual and emotional equilibrium will come back. Keep an attitude of gratitude and the better days will come. Align yourself with God’s goodness and blessings and beautiful events will take place. Embrace God’s heart for you and you will how loving and caring He is. Welcome the better days of the Lord. Thank Him in advance. Things are going to get better. Don’t give up. Stay encouraged. Better days are coming in the name of Jesus!

Suggested reading: Zephaniah 3:17; Proverbs 16:3; John 14:1



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