Enjoying God’s goodness

The goodness of God is something we can’t do without. God is so good all the time and when we let Him take control, we realize that His goodness changes everything. It makes life so much better. It is a game changer. He is so good that He pursues us and He is patient with us. When we try to run our own lives and we go in circles making mistake after mistake, His goodness follows us. There is so much mercy with God and His goodness is an expression of His mercy. Where would I be if not for the goodness of God? His goodness makes my days better. It slides into every part of my life and it brings hope. When life flashes past images of failure, God’s goodness projects pictures of joy and peace. It is a light in the middle of our darkest nights. His goodness is a lamp that shines even when evil shows up with dark and obscure moments. God’s goodness is greater than all the evil in this world. You and I have God’s goodness in our lives and in our hearts.


We have a piece of the Lord in us and we ought to share it with the world. God’s goodness is a gift we can spread and a blessing we can offer to the world around us. We are encouraged to get well acquainted with God’s goodness. I love reading about it in His Word. The testimonies and the lessons I read give me a great boost. God is good all the time and His Word makes that clear. It is man that writes a different story about God. We tend to go against God’s Word when we misinterpret and misrepresent God’s goodness. David sings of the goodness of God and I want to do the same thing. I want my life to be a song that celebrates God’s goodness and that invites other people to join in. God’s goodness and mercy endure forever. They are still here and they are still amazing. Declare God’s goodness in your life today. Embrace it and accept it!

God gave so much through His Son. That is His goodness at its peak. He is a good Father who cares about all His children. As a child of God, you are part of the family and you are entitled to as much goodness as anyone else. If you were ever made to feel like God is not good to you or that He can’t be good to you for some reason, scratch that and the let the truth be revealed. Reject the idea that you are not worthy of God’s goodness. You are and everyone else is. I think the part where we miss it is when we think that God is only good to those who love Him or those who know Him. Think about it. You got saved. You got saved and maybe you were very rebellious against God before that. Maybe you hated Him. Maybe you didn’t respect Him and yet He loved you so much that He gave Jesus in your place so you could be saved.


Like many people you didn’t care for the Lord. You didn’t like Him but He loved you. You had no time for Him but He waited for you. You denied Him but He talked about you to the Father. You couldn’t see Him but He never left His eyes from you. You in the process of your rebellion were touched by the God of revolution. He revolutionized your life with His goodness. He poured it into your life and everything changed. He took your sins and deleted them. He took your pain and healed you. His goodness intervened in your life despite your ways that were against His ways. Anyone can get saved. Anyone can be touched by God. Anyone can be a Saul turned into a Paul. Anyone is worthy of God’s goodness.

What do we do with God’s goodness? We should embrace it and celebrate it. We should let people know about it. We should let it display itself in our lives and shine as bright as possible. We should let God’s goodness guide us through the fruit of the Spirit so that love, faith, hope, joy and other fruits are what we reap all the time. There is a need in the church and outside the church for a renewal of the acceptance of God. There is a need to renew our vows to stick with God and to be in communion with Him. There is a need to recognize that God is always good even when life is not. God’s goodness causes us to triumph over all attacks of the enemy in our minds, our spirits and our bodies. Enjoy God’s goodness. It’s for everyone and it endures forever!

Suggested reading: 1 Chronicles 16:34; Psalm 145:9; Mark 10:18

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