Having a solid connection with God

I was thinking the other day about how my life keeps changing since I started developing my connection with the Lord. Connection is key. Our Christian life is about connecting with God. He is connected to us and He knows us better than we know ourselves. The question is how connected are we to Him? Do we need a third party to be connected to Him? Do we have a personal connection with Him? Do we value and cherish that connection? I have seen many people who have felt the need to have a go-between in their relationship with God. Some feel that way because they don’t see themselves as worthy of knowing the Lord on a personal level. Other people just don’t know that they can have a personal relationship with the Lord. God said that lack of knowledge destroys His people. The less we know, the more something dies inside of us. We need to pursue knowledge and go after God so that we can get the fullness of our relationship with Him. There is so much to know about God and so little time when you think about it. A lifetime is not enough to know all we have to know about God. However, if we earnestly seek Him, He will reveal Himself and He will show up and give us what we need to have a solid relationship with Him. Like I said before, the key is our connection. Today I want to encourage you to define your connection with God. Take a deep look into it, define it, analyze it and build upon it. There is always more we can do to be connected to the Lord and it starts with a desire for more.


When two people are well connected, they can finish each other’s sentences. They know what the other person is thinking. They can talk about the other person and give an accurate description of them. They like to be around the other person and they often need that person in their lives. Some connections have a co-dependence characteristic to them. Some other connections have it one way; one person depends on the other one and can’t live without him or her. The dependence aspect of that connection can be a problem and it’s not healthy unless the person we are depending on is the Lord. Having a solid connection with the Lord implies being dependent on Him. It means that we surrender to Him. We put our ego away and we are all about Him. For us to develop a strong connection with God we have to be aware of how much we need Him all the time. He should be the air we breathe and the oxygen we need to live. Doing life without God is a tough way to live. He is the creator of all good things and He is deeply in love with all of us. It’s His love that got us where we are now and that made it possible for all of us to get saved if we accept Him. Love is the cornerstone on which the Church is built and we are the Church. You and I have a solid foundation and it is called Love. It is Love with a capital L because Jesus is Love. We are nothing without Him, we are nothing without love. A strong connection with the Lord starts and ends with love. Love is the denominator that makes all equations in our relationship work.


Spending time with God is crucial in our relationship with Him. You might say that you spend time with God all the time because He is always around. That is true but there is a difference between spending time with someone and ignoring them and spending quality time with them and focusing on them. Focus and quality are two successful elements that make all connections solid. We ought to have dedicated focused time with the Lord. This can be achieved through prayer and meditation. We need to set time aside to be with the Lord. This means isolating ourselves from the world and devoting time to the Lord. Pray every day and talk to God every day. It will change your connection with Him. It will make it even better. Spend time also listening to the Lord and not just talking to Him and you will have a solid connection with Him because He has a lot to say and we oftentimes miss out because we don’t take the time to listen. Enjoy developing a strong and solid connection with God! He is waiting for you and me to get closer.

Suggested reading: John 6:40; Romans 5:8; 1 Peter 5:6-7


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