Trust in the Lord with all your heart

There is so much fear going around these days. We hear terrible reports that make us want to stay home and be isolated from everyone. The fear of the unknown pushes us to discriminate and to put those we don’t know into boxes we would never open out of fear of getting something bad from them. The fear of getting sick and of being attacked is alive and well and it is contagious. Have you noticed how negativity is contagious? It is easily transmitted. We have the necessary receptors for fear. We welcome it and we invite it in without thinking. Fear is one of those instincts that we are born with. It’s part of human nature and not having it can feel very unnatural. Fear is very unnatural to God. Fear is not in His nature. It is not part of who He is. He doesn’t promote it and He doesn’t accept it. He is opposed to it and He is the deliverer from it. Should we adopt everyone’s fear and go with it so we can blend in? I would think that most people who believe in Christ would say no. You see, faith is not limited to certain things. It should be for all things.


Faith should be the instinct we rely on. It should be natural to our spirits. Not having it should feel unnatural. Fear is the enemy of faith and faith keeps its distance from fear. The two of them are like oil and water. Our faith should be like the oil of hope that is floating in an ocean of fear. It should refuse to mingle with fear. It should stay on the surface and not drown. It should remain constant no matter what the circumstances are. Our faith should never turn into water and be dissolved into the rivers of doubt and worry. Let your fear be strong and it will never bow down to fear. Today I want to reinforce the idea that we are people of faith who follow the King of Kings and in Him there is no place for fear. Let’s stand against fear. Let’s stand against the evil reports and share God’s report. His report is the good news the world has been waiting for. Nothing is impossible to God and fear is not the answer to our problems but faith in God will always give us all the solutions.

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart” is a reminder that I appreciate hearing all the time.

We can’t let our hearts be troubled. When we do, we lose what connects us to God. Faith gets shaken when we let bad news and rumors of evil penetrate our hearts. We ought to guard our hearts and allow the Holy Spirit to build a barrier of protection around our hearts. My wall of protection is awesome. It is made of prayer and thanksgiving. Those two amazing roadblocks keep the flow of fear and negativity from getting into my spiritual fortress. My heart is a fortress that is well protected. There are attacks at times that get the best of me. I am not invincible and I am human but I have seen what prayer and thanksgiving can do and they do a job that nothing else can achieve. What do you do to guard your heart? What do you do to keep your faith strong?


The Fortress that shields my heart, my fortress, is the Lord. He is my stronghold and my protector. Let Him be that wall against the attacks of the enemy. Make Him the King of your heart. Fill your heart with His love and your mind will empty itself of fear. Fill your heart with the Keeper of your faith and your doubts will fall apart. Trust the Lord in all things. Listen to Him and don’t focus on what the world is trying to tell you. Don’t ignore the world because you live in it but don’t let its junk get inside of you and mess up your spirit. There will always be rumors of wars and rumors of evil but the good news of the Gospel is never a rumor. It is real. It is true and it will stand the test of time. Find refuge in the Lord. Dive into His Word and stay there. The Word of God is the only ocean you should stay in. Let it be all around you and keep you save. The only shark in the ocean of the Word of God are in your mind. Trust in the Lord and His Word. Don’t fear. Believe. God has a plan for you that doesn’t include destruction. Stay strong. The Lord is always protecting you!

Suggested reading: Proverbs 3:5-6; Matthew 24:6-7; Mark 13:7



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