God is unbreakable

How disappointing it is when something we value so much breaks? When an object breaks, when a relationship breaks, when our hearts break. There are many things that can break and that are hard to fix.  A statue that we love can most of the time be put back together but it’s not always the same. A broken hard can be hard to mend. A broken promise can be hard to repair. When something that seemed strong ends up breaking, our lives can shutter into a million pieces. I have seen people who were in relationships that looked like they would last forever. Then all of a sudden, something breaks. The trust is gone and the people fall apart. They get so broken that nothing can bring the bond back. When we rely on a rock that breaks when we last expect it, we are completely destabilized. Relationships are sometimes seen as rocks that help people get through life. My Rock doesn’t break. My Rock can’t break. He is Lord of lords and King of kings. He is the Rock that will stand the test of time. God is unbreakable. There is absolutely nothing and no one that can break Him. He is more reliable than any relationships we will ever have. Having a relationship with Him is the best thing that can happen to us. God can’t break but He can break the opposition and the hurdles that stand in your way. When you are running your race, the enemy will try to stop you and put barriers on your way. He will raise up walls of confusion, walls of destruction and walls of guilt. God can break all those walls. He can go before you and remove what is trying to disturb your peace. Today I want to remind you that God is unbreakable and His promises can’t be broken either. Have faith that He can tear down the walls of the enemy. Trust that He will never leave you and that He will never be taken down by the fiery darts of the enemy. God will break the doubts, the fears and the anxiety that the enemy loves to send your way. You have a Rock that will never be defeated. His name is Jesus!

When we look for God and we can’t find Him, it’s easy for us to think that something is broken. It’s easy to think that we did something wrong and now God has left the building so to speak. He never leaves. He is always around. We are the ones who need to trust and believe that He is still caring and that He is still there. Our confidence might be broken but there is nothing that God can’t fix. If today you feel like your relationship with God needs to be put back together, ask Him for assistance. Get into your prayer room and pray. Get inside your heart and look for Him there. His Spirit hasn’t left. His Spirit will take you back to Him when you rely on Him to repair what you perceive as damaged. The enemy will do whatever he can to break your trust in the Lord. This is where you have to be vigilant and keep fanning the flames of faith. Build it up and keep it strong. Your faith can be a stronghold that no agents of the enemy can destroy. It has to be fed daily and it has to be exercised. Practice your faith in everything you do. Keep trusting God despite the heartaches and the trials. Problems and tribulations have a way of breaking something in our spirits but the Lord has just the antidote for a broken spirit. His love heals all wounds. His love fixes everything.


God will never let you down. He can’t. He will also never fail you. When you stand your ground and you hold on to Him, He makes sure the plans of the enemy fail. The Lord is so strong and powerful that if we spent more time meditating on that truth, we would get an accurate picture of His ability to help us in all our ways. Your circumstances can’t break God. Your fears can’t break God. They can distort the truth and make you think that God is not operational anymore. He is not a machine and He is not a robot. God stays the same all the time. He can still part the seas in your life and He can still change your situations easily. Thank Him for His promises that will always last. Thank Him for His faithfulness. He will always stick to His promises and blessing you is one of them. You are blessed and you are going to continue to be blessed. God made you a promise to give you life and give it to you more abundantly. The promise still stands. Enjoy His goodness!

Suggested reading: Matthew 22:29; John 10:10; Galatians 2:20


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