Roar like a lion and love like a lamb

I used to have an erroneous mental picture of what a Christian should look like. I used to think that a Christian had to be meek, reserved, quiet and poor in many ways. Piety seemed to be a good way to attain holiness and I thought that the less we had, the closer we were to God. I also imagined that a Christian should be living in silence most of the time out of fear of saying the wrong things. Now, my vision of a Christian has evolved a bit. A Christian to me is someone who strives to be more like Jesus and who embraces God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. The Christian relies on the Holy Spirit in order to navigate this Christian life and stay focused on the Lord. The Christian knows that life has its ups and downs but he or she doesn’t let the downs destroy what the ups with the Lord have built. As a matter of fact, the Christian understands that the Lord is with him or her even during the downs and still praises and worships the Lord. The Christian loves the Lord and other people and he or she doesn’t let human common sense interfere with God’s sense of love. God’s sense of love as I like to call it, is unconditional. It forgives, it heals, it helps, it cares and it encourages.


 Do I still think Christians should be quiet and not say much? I believe there is a time dedicated to quiet time with the Lord but Christians ought to let their voices be heard. Our voices are very important. What we say and don’t say matter. We have to make every word count and we have to let the silence speak for ourselves when necessary. God’s love in us leads us to speak and it enables us to be quiet when necessary. Our voices should be heard otherwise the enemy makes the most of our silence and speaks for us using the wrong phrases and the wrong ideas. When does that happen? It happens when we passively listen to his words and let them run through our heads without condemning them and bringing them down with the Word of God. We, Christians, should be fierce with our words when it comes to resisting the enemy. We should roar like lions and use the authority we have in Jesus’ name. We should also love like lambs and spread God’s love around us one person at a time. Today I want to encourage you to be strong like a lion by expressing the authority given in Jesus’ name when needed. Be filled with love and let love guide you in all you do so you can mirror the Lamb and be a messenger of hope.


A lion is a powerful animal who commands authority. He is territorial and he protects what belongs to him. His roar can be heard from far away and it decries his power and authority. It can be very scary to some animals and it can be comforting to his family when danger is near. In the Book of Revelation, the Lion of Judah represents Jesus. Jesus has authority in Heaven and on earth. His authority works everywhere. There is no place in the world or in the universe where the Lord can’t use His authority. As Christians we are entitled to using the name of Jesus and have authority over the enemy. When the enemy comes near our territory, we can use the authority of the Lord. We can roar and scare him away. The Word of God is a loud roar that drives the enemy away when it is spoken with faith and confidence. Learn to speak with authority against the enemy by developing your faith. Develop your roar. Make it a sound of terror for the enemy, for your fears and for your doubts. Roar against the emotions and the feelings that are not helping you. Roar against the worry that the enemy wants you to feel all day long. Let the roar in the name of Jesus be heard. Let it mark your territory so the enemy doesn’t walk all over your domain in victory. Roar like a lion whose authority is never compromised by the mind games of the enemy!


If you have seen a lamb before, you know how precious and innocent it looks. It looks so soft and so loving. It makes you want to cuddle with it. God’s love is precious, pure, soft and it makes you want to cuddle with it. As much as we can be lions in the name of Jesus, we can also be lambs in His name. We can love with authority and love in His name. The world needs both lions and lambs that would stand for love in the name of Jesus. As lions we can chase away the enemy when he attacks people. Our prayers and our faith can make him flee. As lambs we can love anyone and make sure that everyone, we know receives a piece of the love that God gives so freely. God’s love is huge and it can be given to everyone. Be a lion with a heart of a lamb. Be strong and courageous and loving and caring at the same time. Let your voice of love be heard when needed. Share the heart of the Lord with people in a gentle manner. Love without questioning. Care without judging. Help without restricting. Roar like a lion and love like a lamb and you will be a good imitator of the One who loves unconditionally and who died for you and me!

Suggested reading: Matthew 11:29; John 1:29; Revelation 5;5-7

3 thoughts on “Roar like a lion and love like a lamb

  1. Hello, thank you for what I have read, my heart rejoices in our Lord with the grace that has been given to me so that I understand everything you write with my soul and heart.
    I will be strong and gentle as our Master teaches us. The grace of the Lord will pour from my spirit onto the souls of our brothers and sisters.
    We get free, let’s give it to everyone

    Peace be with you brother, thank you.

    I greet you strongly from Central Europe from the country of Poland

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