God will cook for you when you let go and let God

The first time I heard “Let go and let God” I thought it was a very clever statement. How often do we need to let go and let God be in control? It happens all the time. We think that we can make it on our own and we will call God if we really can’t get out of trouble. God becomes our bailing officer when He should be our counselor in the first place. We too often lean into our own understanding because that is what we are taught at a young age. Life is the survival of the fittest and we must fend for ourselves. At least that is what we learn and what we know. With God there is so much more to know. He wants us to know that He has the key to every door, the answer to every question and the remedy for every ailment. He offers advice and He gives peace that nothing can beat. He is out of this world and yet He created this world. It baffles my mind that the creator of the universe cares so much about us that He comes down to our level and brings us up to His. He has all it takes to make the perfect recipe for success and yet we choose to make our own dish most of the time. He sets a table before us but we decide to get take-out and eat food that doesn’t feed our souls and our spirits. God’s homemade food is better than the dishes catered by the world. It’s important that we stay home in the house of the Lord and enjoy what He has for us. We need to let go of the apron and let God do the cooking. His Spirit is a master chef who uses only the best ingredients in the land of blessings. There is milk and honey flowing in His kitchen and manna from Heaven everywhere. He has the perfect concoctions that will alleviate our spiritual hunger. Today I am inviting you to enjoy a spiritual meal at the table of the Lord. I am extending His invitation to receive the best food your heart and spirit can get. I am cordially encouraging you to sit down, relax and know that He is God!

What is some of the best food you will ever have? Food that keeps you healthy and that satisfies you. Food that gives you energy and that nourishes your body by providing all the nutrients it needs. God has an array of foods that can do the same thing for our hearts and spirits. His food gives all the blessings we need to grow spiritually and to develop a big heart. What do you find on God’s table? There is wisdom, knowledge, advice, parables, encouragement and peace among many other things. However, the ingredient you will find in every dish and in every drink is His love. His love is all over His table. His love is available in abundance. If we looked for the love first and recognized that it was in everything God has to offer, we would solve a lot of the problems that arise inside and outside the church. There are too many conflicts and too much animosity among a people that should be lifting up the Savior instead of lowering Him to a human level where judgement and camouflaged hate reign. It’s easy to miss the main ingredient in a dish when our palate is not used to it or when it has not been trained to recognize it. We ought to develop that love palate so we can taste the goodness of God and have a heart for sharing it with the world. Whatever the Lord gives us on His table is meant to be shared. Love is in every meal God makes and everyone deserves to enjoy this precious ingredient. When we let go of our ego, we let God be our hero and His love is what we take on the go so other people get a chance to know our hero!

God’s food is unlimited and it is more satisfying than any other food in the world. The richness of the wisdom found in His food is unparalleled. His wisdom like every food is coated with love and love makes everything better. The world has some close imitations of God’s food but the wisdom of the world can give you indigestion. It can only take you so far. God’s wisdom takes you places you never knew existed. His Word goes deep inside the cellars of knowledge that encompass treasures that open minds and impact hearts over and over again. One word from God can keep us full for days. One phrase from God can keep us satisfied for weeks. One book from God can keep us full for life. One dish from God and peace will stay in our hearts removing all butterflies and nervousness. One drink from God and rivers of blessings will flow every day. One piece of God’s bread and our union and communion with Him will be real every day. I invite you to take your daily bread by spending time with God regularly. Fellowship with Him at His table. Let Him feed your faith and banish your doubts. Let Him give you portions of joy that will have you dancing for His glory day in and day out. Sit with God. Spend time with God. God sets a table before you and makes the best food your soul and spirit will ever get. Let go and let God cook for you!

Suggested reading: Psalm 23:5; Proverbs 3:5-6; James 1:5

Instagram: thegoodwordofgod


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