Prayers that get God’s attention

I pray every day. I pray a few times a day. It is more than a hobby. It is a lifestyle. It is who I am. I need that daily communication with the Lord. I need to hear from Him and I need to express myself. Prayer used to be a memorized text that I would say repeatedly but that meant nothing to my heart. It was all in my head and it was just a mindful exercise that didn’t bear much fruit. Why? It didn’t change me and it didn’t change my circumstances. It didn’t bring me closer to God but it made me feel good about religion. I felt that with my memorized prayers I checked all the religious boxes that I had to fill. It put my mind at ease but it didn’t touch my heart and it didn’t stimulate my spirit. I said a lot of dead prayers. I said a lot of dry prayers and I went through a dry spiritual spell for a very long time. I learned how to be content with very little spiritual motivation. I certainly didn’t find any motivation to explore my life with God through those prayers. It was better than nothing but it also did nothing for me.


I do believe that the Lord heard the prayers from my heart during that time. He heard the prayers that were deep inside the caves of my heart and that needed to come to the surface. The Lord hears our thoughts before they are even manifested. He saw my hunger for more. He saw my weak resistance to dullness. He saw my desire for intimacy and my incapability to express it. It was the muffled prayers of
the heart that got His attention. It was the tears before bed that moved His heart. Friend, the cries from your heart are prayers as well. As long as you keep on trying and keep on seeking the Lord’s face, you will stay in a state of prayer. Learn to pray with your mouth closed and your heart wide open. Trust that God hears every sound that comes out of your heart. Learn the secret language of prayer. Learn that the secret is a surrendered and willing heart. The prayers that come out of a heart abandoned to God are heard all the time. Learn that God hears everything even the things you can’t express.

Sometimes a memorized prayer is the best expression for you. I don’t want to undermine recited prayers. They are good prayers. I was just explaining that they did not work for me because they made me sound too robotic and I didn’t buy into them. I didn’t even believe them and I knew that God could see that. It is when I took a leap of faith and said my own prayers that things changed. I gave up on sounding like the perfect Christian during prayer time and I gave into the Holy Spirit. He is the best prayer coach. He is the best motivator when it comes to prayer. Plug into Him through trust. Surrender to Him. How? Just tell Him that you are letting Him take control and that you are at His mercy. There is nothing better than to be at God’s mercy. There is nothing better than to let God handle everything. There is no greater faith than the faith that is blind to the world and lucid to the Lord. A faith that is not fazed by what it sees but that is moved by who God is. Blind faith causes us to say amazing prayers because they come from the heart and they believe that they travel to God’s heart with no interference. Heart to heart prayers with the Lord are the best prayers!

Faith pleases God and when our hearts are filled with faith, our prayers from the heart get God’s attention. He loves our faith and He gets involved when faith is presented to Him. He is merciful and full of grace so He can act anytime but our faith-filled prayers from the heart get the job done. Fill your heart with faith. Don’t fill it with the junk of the enemy. Rebuke the lies. Resist his temptation. Stay strong against his aggression and he will run himself into depression. Have faith that you were made the righteousness of God through Christ. The prayer of the righteous is powerful. Your prayers from the heart are powerful. Let your heart do all the speaking. Let your words be filled with faith. Know that you are being heard because you are always heard by the One who gave His life for you. Prayers from the heart get God’s attention. Open up your heart and you will see what God brings to your attention. Open up your heart and you will see the miracles that fly in your direction. Stay encouraged!

Suggested reading: Jeremiah 29:12; James 5:16; 1 John 5:14



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