Keep expecting blessings

Yesterday I wrote about the bad day I had on Monday. I needed to go through it and I am grateful I did. Why? Do I like it when things go wrong? Absolutely not but I loved what I saw, what I learned and how I made it through the day. I saw God’s grace. I saw His love in beautiful colors of hope. I saw His love holding me. I saw His hand covering me. I saw hope coming out of my spirit every time something bad was coming at me. I learned how leaning on God despite trials is crucial. It is a lesson I knew but I needed to live it again and get a clear picture of what it looks like. I saw joy in the middle of chaos and I saw what I couldn’t see if I had been doing it all by myself. What now? When we had a difficult day but we were able to make the most of the day what comes next? With every test of faith that we pass, we get bonus points that will help us go through the next test successfully. We get extra credit if you will, that we can use for the next test. Did I wake up yesterday Tuesday feeling beaten and scared of what the day might bring? Absolutely not. I woke up with a certain assurance and confidence that I could handle the day. I woke up with Jesus, spent the day with Jesus, talked to Jesus and carried Him with me. I want to encourage you to look at your trials as steppingstones that will propel you to a higher level of faith. If nothing happens in your life your faith can’t grow. It no problems ever arose you would never know how strong you could get. You would stay at the same level of faith but the Bible says that we go from glory to glory. With God there is always a next level. Be ready for the next level. Anticipate the next level. Rejoice that you are going higher and not going under. Your next breakthrough is around the corner so keep on going. God will use the next tribulation so you can gain more appreciation. You are going to enjoy the Lord even more because you will recognize how caring He is even more! Keep expecting His blessings!


I had the joy of the Lord in my heart when I woke up yesterday. His joy is a permanent resident in my heart but bad circumstances try to remove it and ban it from where it rightfully belongs. The joy I had was there regardless of the headaches I had had the day before. I had a meeting planned where I was going to have to confront some people. No one likes confrontation and I didn’t let fear creep into my mind. I went about my business with Jesus all over my business. I saw Him in everything and I thanked Him for everything. One day of setbacks can easily put you back where bitterness lives but every day is the day the Lord has made and in each and every one of His days we can hang out with peace, love and hope. When you come out of a tough day, know that the One who holds the day has better things in store for you. I have said this before and I need to say it again; nothing that takes place in your life is a shock to God. He is not standing next to you with His mouth wide open because of how surprised He is. He has seen it all and He has taken care of it all. The other day was a good reminder of how much God is in control. He is not just in charge of our mornings; He is in control day and night and He watches over us all the time. Rest assured that His love will continue to take care of you. Expect it all the time.


One of the keys to a life lived in faith is to keep expecting blessings. Boldly expect to be blessed. You might have had a bad day; you might have had a day of misery but your blessings are still on the way. Keep hoping for the best. When all is said and done, God still has something to say and that is what you should rely on. Rely on His words, rely on His promises. You are going to a higher level every time you have survived a terrible life event through the power of faith. Think of all the bonus points you are accumulating. Think of how much bigger your faith is. Think positive. Stay positive. You are on your way to nicer things. Stay in the moment and enjoy every moment. Keep going today. Keep trusting God. Keep rejoicing in all things. Keep walking. Jesus is walking with you throughout your journey. Expect the impossible! Keep expecting God’s blessings!

Suggested reading: Jeremiah 17:7-8; Numbers 6:24-26; Philemon 1:25

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