Meetings with God

This week is probably the busiest week of the school year so far for me. I have at least two meetings a day on top of my daily work. I am starting a few new projects including a trip to Europe with students. The amount of energy that is going into all this preparation is huge. I have to be on top of my game and I have to stay focused and organized. I have to be able to shift my attention and be in the present for each meeting and for each initiative. It is a lot easier for me to handle all the work and to give my whole without compromising. It is so different from a few years ago. What has changed? I have daily meetings with the Lord. I have focused conversations with Him. I hear from Him every single day. I share with Him every single day. I spend time with Him every single day. I devote time and attention to Him every single day and it impacts the rest of my day every day. Today I want to reiterate an old message. I want to encourage you to have daily meetings with God. It will change your life for the best. It will color your life in a way that transcends the most beautiful rainbows of peace and joy you have ever experienced. Jesus spent time with the Father. If He needed that alone time with God, we also definitely need it.

A meeting is an assembly of people. It is often a group of people who belong to the same society or committee and who get together for discussion or entertainment. You and I belong to the same group as the Lord’s. We are part of His family. We are in His club so to speak. We are in His circle and we need the time to discuss with Him and to be entertained by Him. I find that the Lord is highly entertaining. The more I get to know Him, the more I see that side of Him. He entertains with messages, visions, inspiration, peace, joy and humor. He is a funny God. I laugh often in my time with Him. I sometimes laugh when I should be crying. I laugh at His jokes and I laugh because of His presence. I don’t have a reason to laugh. He just makes me laugh. It sounds odd at first but once you get used to it you don’t expect any less. My meetings with God are not somber and they are not formal. God is not into rituals when it comes to talking to Him. We can come as we are. We can open our hearts to Him and He will accept us as we are. I think we complicate things when we try to find a special formula for prayer. God sees our hearts and He knows what we need and want way before we have meetings with Him. We come with an agenda and He received us with His arms wide open with an amazing plan in hand.

One of the people I had a meeting with was 15 minutes early because he said there was no traffic. It made me think of how there is traffic at times when we meet with the Lord and we need to avoid all that traffic. The traffic is usually in our minds. It is all the thoughts and distractions that are trying to keep us from having some good quality time with the Lord. I have to stop the traffic when there is too much of it by spending time in praise and worship. It helps me refocus and let go of the bad circulation that tries to get in the way. I also declare out loud that I am the son of God and I am grateful for being part of His family. I say anything positive that comes to mind and I bring down all the negative chatter so I can have a clearer mind and I can fix my eyes on Jesus. The more you meet with the Lord in your prayer closet or in your heart, the less room you will have for unnecessary thoughts and distractions. Let God lead your meetings. Let His Spirit read His agenda for you as you quietly listen and adore Him. Have meetings with God all the time and you will have a blessed life all the time!

Suggested reading: Psalm 119:105; John 15:1-5; James 4:8

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