10 nuggets of wisdom for your Saturday (Part 104)

God wants our focus and our attention. Prayer makes that happen. Prayer keeps you grounded and it gives you the clarity you need to see what God has to tell you.

Honor and obedience are pathways into the Kingdom of God. Honoring God and obeying Him are keys to unlocking the treasures of the Kingdom.

Be still and still know that He is God. He is there and He is active when you are quietly waiting.

It’s not about your success and your notoriety. It’s more about how famous you make Jesus in your life. Is He the number one celebrity in your heart and in your mind? How popular is He in your spirit?

Restoration is under way! God has a plan for you and it involves reinstatement and replacement. Stay encouraged!

God’s love never evaporates. It is a river that never runs dry. Step into it. Dive into it. Swim in it. His love for you will never change!

God is good even when your life is bad. A bad life doesn’t make Him bad. He will change your life for the better. Don’t lose hope. The bad will not last!

If we stay open, we won’t miss what God is doing. If we stay in the box our minds create, we will not be able to step out and see what God is doing outside the box!

Your biggest success is your relationship with Jesus. See it grow and blossom. It is a flower that never fades and that always shines with the smile of love and peace. Maximize your biggest success. Cultivate it and keep it in the garden of truth!

God is making all things new. Don’t hold on to the old days. A new day is here today. God makes all things new. Expect a rebirth of hope and joy. New love, new peace, new joy are here today!

Suggested reading: Psalm 71:5; Mark 9:23; Romans 15:13

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