Don’t worry about God

When you worry and wonder how you are going to get through a certain situation, you are really worrying about God. You are wondering if and how He is going to come through. You are doubting that He is God enough to help you. It sounds a bit harsh but it is true. I have been there many times. When I have needed money, I have found myself planning in my head how the money would come. I think of this source and that source and I imagine how it should all happen. It is good to save and budget. This is not what I am referring to. I am talking about visualizing how my needs will be met. The problem with my approach is that I look at material things as the source. If I need money, I will obviously think of money but I shouldn’t focus on the money that much. I should instead focus on my provider. Whatever the issue is, the victory comes from the Lord. He is the One fighting all our battles. The victory is sweet but the Lord is sweeter. In all circumstances He should be the center of our attention and we should regard Him as more than able.

It’s easy to perceive God as powerful and almighty when everything is going well. We can praise and worship Him all day. All is good. God is good. When good things happen, we thank God for them. They certainly come from Him. When life is good we see God as a good God and a strong and invincible God. We don’t worry about His ability to bless us and to love us. We have an image of a loving God who can’t fail. There is nothing to worry about. Now, when things get tough and we run into problems and tribulations come from all sides, we panic. It’s a normal reaction since we are human. However, if we stay in that state of panic and fear, we are truly doubting God. We unconsciously or consciously don’t see the powerful God we are familiar with in good times. We stay up at night and worry about how things are going to work out. It’s not our job to worry. Our job is to agree with the Lord when He says He will provide our needs and bless us at all times. I once heard deep down on the inside “Don’t worry about Me.” I was praying and God was shaking me up showing me that I was worrying about His power. God doesn’t change when things get bad. He doesn’t lose His ways. He doesn’t run around trying to figure out how to help us. He is not broken. He doesn’t need to be fixed. He fixes all situations.

Worry about God needs to be replaced by confidence in God. It’s easier to have confidence in someone when we know them well. Building a strong relationship with the Lord is extremely helpful. I suggest studying the Word of God as often as possible. Prayer should be a habit. It should be a daily habit that is second nature. We should be so into prayer that we couldn’t spend a day or even half a day without it. I am in Europe for the holidays and there are days when I have not been able to pray as much as I usually do and I realize how valuable and important prayer is. I know you might feel like you have heard it all before. I have as well but it is a reminder that can save you next time you hit rock bottom. Remember that the Rock at the bottom will get up back on top. Jesus is the Rock that can never be broken and that can never be defeated. Develop your vision of Him being invincible because that’s how He is. Don’t worry about Him. He can handle your life. There is nothing He can’t do. Stay encouraged and stay in faith!

Suggested reading: Mark 5:36; Mark 11:22-24; John 7:38

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