God breaks bottles when you pray

As soon as I started praying last night, I saw myself toppling bottles that were lined up on an open shelf. There was a line of bottles, too many to count but as my words of prayer resounded in my heart, I saw myself breaking all the bottles one by the one. The Lord explained that when we pray, we ruin the enemy’s plans for our lives and for the lives of the people we pray for. The bottles represented the evil plans that were supposed to take place. There were many of them. Some bottles were labeled “accident” and some were labeled “failure.” It takes a lot of prayer to break some of the plans of the enemy.

Prayer is a bigger necessity than a lot of us know. Imagine praying for someone who never gets a break and the Lord gives them a change of life because of the words you utter on the person’s behalf. Prayers do a lot even when we don’t see it. What the Spirit of the Lord showed me in that vision was powerful because the bottles/the evil plans started to be destroyed as soon as the prayer started. Never underestimate the power of your prayers! When you pray in the name above all names, nothing can stop blessings from coming. When you stand strong in prayer and you don’t give up, the enemy has to flee. When you pray from your heart to God’s heart, something unprecedented takes place. Let prayers flow out of your heart every day. Let them be between you and the Lord about you and the world. Keep a prayer list handy and submit it to God with praise and thanksgiving.

Prayers have different aspects to them. They can be requests and they can be gratitude prayers. I have found that praying over and over again about something implies thanking the Lord over and over again about the outcome. A request comes first. It’s a knock on God’s door but the knocks that come after that should be “thank you knocks” where you go to God just to say thank you. “Dear Jesus, I am just dropping by to say that I adore You and I want to thank You for blessing my prayers and for answering them the best way you know how” is a valid follow-up knock.

The initial knock is crucial but the knocks that come after that are very important as well. They speak of our faith. If we have faith when we pray, we will speak with assurance during prayer and thank God that He heard us. If we ask repeatedly to be heard, we have to check our faith and go back to square one. “God, did You hear what I asked last week?” is just an expression of doubt. Our prayers need to mirror faith and reflect it all the time.

Believing that we receive what we pray for is essential. Prayers should never be blindsided aims at some random targets. We don’t pray and hope we will land somewhere. We pray knowing that “the eagle has landed” and we are on our way. Faith attached to prayer produces results that are tangible. Faith attached to prayer will show you that God is toppling the plans of the enemies. You don’t need to know how. You just have to trust that He is doing it.

Remember that the power behind your prayers is not yours; it’s the Lord’s. The image of myself breaking the bottles was symbolic. I did the praying but God did “the doing” so to speak. Go to war in your prayer closet by spending time in victorious, faith-filled prayers and God will break bottles left and right. Praise Him loud and clear during prayer time. Spend more time praising than begging. Your prayers are powerful because you are praying in the name of Jesus. Believe it and trust in the process. Impact your world one prayer at a time!

Suggested reading: Jeremiah 29:12; Matthew 6:6; 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

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