The gift that keeps on giving

A couple of years ago I wrote a Christmas message about Jesus being the gift that keeps on giving. Today I want to reiterate that message. Jesus came to save us and to give us eternal life. Life in Him is like nothing we can imagine until we enter this new life. We go from darkness to light. The change in my life was like night and day. I got saved at an early age but I didn’t know the Lord for a while. It was as if I had been given an admission ticket to the best amusement park in the world but I didn’t know how to get on any of the rides. I could see the rides. I could see how great they looked but I had no clue how I could actually get on them. When I accepted Jesus completely and I started embracing His plan for my life, I saw a drastic transformation of my life.

I wasn’t just changed; my life was altered and changed for the best. That is what Jesus does. He changes us on the inside and He gives us a better life on the outside. The inward change opened my eyes to a life worth living in Him. I found myself walking around the amusement park holding Jesus’ hand so to speak. Every ride became accessible. Every ride brought a lot of joy. Every ride was part of this gift package that I had received in Jesus’ name. It doesn’t mean that everything was easy in my life but it meant that I could deal with life better with the One who was holding my hand.

A gift is given willingly to someone without payment and without any expectation of anything in return. At least that is the definition of the gift of life that Jesus gives. His gift is free of charge. He paid the price for all of us. He paid the highest price for the highest sins and the highest problems in life. Whatever you have done can be forgiven. You could be the worst sinner in the world according to society, Jesus will forgive you if you repent. There is nothing that can separate you from the love of God. Your mind, shame and the enemy’s lies can create a gap between you and the Lord but the gift is still there ready to be taken and open. When I opened the gift of salvation, I needed a guide, a manual like I alluded before.

The Holy Spirit is the One who can show us how to navigate through this new life and He does come with the gift of salvation. Jesus sent His Spirit to dwell in us and that truth needs to be taught and to be taken into consideration so we can live out our salvation. The gift of the Holy Spirit is like a gift that has millions of other gifts inside of it. The joy and the peace of the Spirit are amazing gifts that will make your life so much better. When trials come, the Spirit of Jesus will give you the strength and the power to go through the bad times with hope and calmness. The world can’t give you that. Only the Lord gives perfect gifts.

We know God by faith and we are told not to rely on our senses to know God. Faith is what connects us to God and it is our entrance ticket into His kingdom. We can’t rely on our feelings and emotions in order to know God better. However, the Lord will always have an impact on our feelings and emotions when we draw close to Him. He will give us good feelings and He will temper our emotions. He gives us balance and He becomes our gauge for life. He replaces sadness with joy. God can and will work on our emotions when His Spirit is our guide and our best friend.

I have seen so many changes in myself due to my relationship with the Holy Spirit. He gives me so much peace and so much hope even when everything seems lost. The gift of the Lord never lets you down. Jesus will continue to give you more and more. There is no stopping and there is no taking away. He gives and He builds up. With the Lord you will always go from glory to glory. On this Christmas Day, celebrate the One who keeps on giving and let every day be a Christmas Day where Jesus is celebrated. Merry Christmas!

Suggested reading: John 14:15-31; John 15:26; Acts 2

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