God wants you close to Him

God never ceases to amaze me. I don’t understand everything about Him but I know a few things that have impacted the way I see Him. I didn’t know He was all about love for a long time. Those who taught me in church about Him were very good at loving with their words but their actions went in the opposite direction. Love speaks and love acts. The same goes for God. He speaks and He acts and those two things together were not what I knew about God. I was under the impression that God only spoke to certain people and only acted on behalf of certain people. I learned that a lot of us were not worthy of God’s love so I never looked for it. That kind of teaching is very damaging spiritually and it can take people years to recover from the scars it leaves. When I got saved, it all changed. It did not change overnight but the process of living out my salvation started. God never stop to amaze me. He speaks and He acts and I love that He does that for anyone who is willing to get to know Him. He is no respecter of persons and He will never exclude anyone. If you were ever told that you had to earn God’s love or that God remains silent or that He doesn’t listen, I am here to tell you that those are lies. God is alive and well. He is in love with you. He wants you to hear what He has to say and He is always listening to you.

Walls have been built between God and us. The enemy has diligently worked on making sure those walls keep us from knowing God. His evil scheme has even infiltrated some churches and some doctrines have divided people who were always meant to become friends of God but who end up being alienated. I was one of those victims and I was blind to the truth. I knew of God but I didn’t know God. I knew what other people said about Him but I had no idea I could get to know Him for myself. Those walls of separation need to come down. We need to hunger for God and let Him know how serious we are bout being intimate with Him. There should be no buffer and no interference. We can have direct access to God. He is closer than our skin like the song says. He is right there waiting for us to speak and talk to Him. If you believe that there is no way you can communicate with God, take a step toward opening the lines of communication. Get in your prayer closet, your prayer room, or open your heart to God and pray. All you need to do is acknowledge His existence. Start talking to Him on a regular basis. Have private time with Him. Don’t let a day go by without talking to Him. If you do that, you will see the walls fall apart. The more you communicate with Him, the more real He will become. Talk and listen. Give Him time to reply to your questions, to guide you and to give you love through His words. God is love and He tells us how much He loves us if we have the right ears to hear.


The Word of God is a great entry way into the world of the Lord. You can read the Bible in so many different ways but let me suggest reading it from the Lord’s perspective. We can’t fully know His perspective but we know that He operates in love and through love. Love should be the filter we use to read the Bible. Embracing that God is all about love is embracing His true nature and His essence. If you want to have a close relationship with Him, accept His love. Pray that He opens your eyes to His love. There is a bright light shining from the Lord and it is His love. There are no dark spots, no shady areas in the Lord and anything that you learn about Him that depicts some type of anger or darkness is not the real God. I feel like every week I am discovering another aspect and another angle of God’s love and it is huge. It is bigger than I once imagined and I want to get the full picture, at least to the extent that I can. God never ceases to amaze me and the magnitude of His love is astounding. We don’t deserve it but yet we can have it. God wants you close to Him. Very close!


Suggested reading: Exodus 24:1-2; Psalm 145:18; James 4:8


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