A church that hosts the presence of God

This weekend I am at a church conference in New Jersey. I love the Christian hospitality that has been displayed throughout the conference. People yielding their seats. People greeting strangers and calling each other family. People smiling and being stewards of the love of Jesus. I saw and felt a lot of love. There was an outpouring of love and I know that it is going to spill into the world and it will happen on a regular basis. I felt touched and transformed by the vision of that love being poured into the world. That is what Church is all about isn’t it? Church is the people. We are the Church and we are hosts of the presence of the Lord. Hosts that should transfer His presence into every community and every place we visit.

We are the Church of love, the Church of Jesus. I have noticed that in some churches when the doors open, people rush in like it’s Black Friday at Walmart. There has been none of that at the conference. I also loved how people came to worship Jesus and hear the good Word and not just to see the speaker who is a celebrity in many Christian circles. Jesus has been the reason for the celebration in this joyful season. People came to glorify Him and keep Him at the center. Everything this weekend has revolved around Jesus.

Keeping Jesus at the center should be the themes of our lives. I want it to be my main song. When people look at my life they should hear the melody of the Lord, songs from Heaven not because of me but because of Jesus in me. I want to be so devoted that my words, my smile and my actions ooze the glory of the Lord. I want to be so surrendered that people won’t see me but they will see Him. He is bigger than me. He is more important than me and that conference has been a great reminder of the place He has in my life and where I should be with Him. I should be under His majesty and letting Him be King. Be the One that matters the most. I saw Jesus all over the conference. He was on people’s faces. He was in their words. He was in their hearts and you could see that on the outside.

God-centered people have a spark and a glow that is like no other. They spread the love of Jesus and they have a mission to introduce Him to as many people as possible not just with words but with their deeds and their kindness. The world needs to hear from God-centered people. We need the love more than ever. We need the empathy and the goodness that change everything. We need hosts of the presence to shine the peace and the joy of the Lord. I have hope and I have faith that in the years to come there will be more manifestations of the glory of the Lord through the good hosts of His presence.

I wrote the first four paragraphs of this message right before one of the sessions started at the conference. I am writing this paragraph now sitting here in awe of the Lord. The message the presenter delivered at that session yesterday was about what I wrote in the first four paragraphs. The speaker talked about the Church being the vessel for God’s presence and God’s love. He spoke about how we should be the messengers that spread God’s love and that host the presence. The Holy Spirit knew what the presenter was going to talk about and He gave me a preview. This makes me think of how important the message is. Let’s be aware of the Lord in us and the need to share Him with everyone. His presence in us is meant to bless others. My prayer is that we all maintain His presence in us and that we stand as the Church that hosts His love and that gives it away freely! Let’s be the vessels of the Lord that the world needs!

Suggested reading: 2 Timothy 1:14; Ephesians 2:22; Ephesians 3:17


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