Letting the Holy Spirit express Himself

I have noticed over the years that if I do certain things, I activate the Holy Spirit in me. Activate might not be the right word but it surely appears to be what takes place. I have found that if I say certain things or sing certain songs, the Holy Spirit comes to the forefront of my life more. I have been made aware of the presence of the Holy Spirit in certain situations. I have seen the Holy Spirit manifest Himself more when I line up certain situations. Today I want to define the “certain something” that brings the Holy Spirit unto the scene in our lives. Based on what the Bible tells us, there are several things that will help us jumpstart the Holy Spirit so to speak. Jesus gave us the Holy Spirit so He would assist us in all things. He dwells in us. He lives in us and as the One who is in us, He touches and influences our lives if we let Him. I like to think of this whole idea as “letting the Holy Spirit express Himself.” It’s letting Him be Himself on the inside and seeing how He shows up on the outside. Whatever happens between us and the Holy Spirit on the inside will always have an effect on the outside. Let’s cherish the Holy Spirit. Let’s acknowledge the amazing gift Jesus gave us. Let’s be vessels of the Holy Spirit that are relying on Him every day in everything we do. Let’s jumpstart the Holy Spirit!

The first step is to get familiar with the Holy Spirit. We can’t get familiar with someone if we don’t recognize who they are or if we don’t acknowledge them. We must spend time getting to know them. We can rely on what others say about the person to get some background information about the person but it is always best to go directly to the person and interact with them. Getting to know someone through someone else will allow holes to form in the real picture of who that person is. Know the Holy Spirit for yourself. Read about Him in the Word of God. Find passages that talk about Him and meditate on them. Spend time in prayer hearing from Him. Thank the Lord for the Holy Spirit and then tell Him that you are ready to listen. Ask Him to open your ears and your eyes so you can receive what He wants to communicate to you. Thank Him for being the Holy Spirit. Have you thought about doing that? It shows that you agree with who He is and He will reveal Himself to you even more. It shows that you are willing to see Him the way He is and not the way you think He should be. To get to know the Holy Spirit better, we ought to surrender to Him and let Him be the Lord that He is. It sounds simple but it is key!

As we put effort in knowing the Spirit of the Lord, it is important that we position ourselves in ways that will let Him express Himself. Prayer is the number one “jump starter” if you will, of the Holy Spirit. Jesus prayed all the time while on earth. He knew how important it was. Prayer brings us closer to God and the Bible says that the Holy Spirit assists us when we pray. It is a beautiful way to give Him the microphone and give Him the chance to speak. There is power in prayer and the Holy Spirit is the power behind prayer. Pray as much as you can and you will see how the Holy Spirit is helping you during that time. Add praise to your prayers and you will experience God’s activated power in your life. The Lord inhabits the praises of His people so the Holy Spirit is in our praises. When you praise you are exalting the Lord and you are letting His Spirit show up. He is inside of you and with praise He is all around you in a powerful way. Praises change the atmosphere because they let the Lord influence the atmosphere and put patches of joy, peace, love and triumph in the spiritual walls around you. Wherever there is a hole in your life, the Holy Spirit will plug it when you praise Him. Let the Holy Spirit express Himself in your life and you will know Jesus more than ever!

Suggested reading: Luke 24:45-49; Acts 2:1-5; Ephesians 1;13-14

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