God is going to make this week a great week

If I could count the number of times I told God that I didn’t know if I could make it through the week, I would come up with a high number. Now, this used to happen before the big change I went through when I had a spiritual encounter with the Lord. Before that it was all gloom and blues on Sunday night. I dreaded the days to come. By Sunday night the church adrenaline had run out and I was left with my lonely self to fend for myself. At least that is how I saw it. In my mind God was in the church and since I had left the church to go home, I was God-less so to speak. I put too much trust in what the church was and what it could do for me. I heard in church that God was always with me but the reality of it all seemed different. I didn’t have a personal relationship and connection with the Lord. Church was my connection and without it I didn’t know how to behave spiritually and emotionally. Nowadays on Sunday night the celebration of my Lord continues. Church happens Monday through Sunday in my life and I don’t need a building to see it come to pass. Going to church is great but I add on to it by having church at home. The Holy Spirit is my personal connection with the Lord and He is who I need the most. Surrender has made it easier to connect with Him and learn from Him. The Lord doesn’t make the week bearable; He makes it amazing! Today I want to remind you of how the Lord is not only with you every day but He enjoys His relationship with you every day. Let your Sunday blues turn into Sunday bloom where your spirit is in bloom anticipating blessings, peace, love and joy from the Lord in the week ahead. God is going to make this week a great week!


I have never heard of a successful relationship where the two parties didn’t communicate. Communication is key and the Lord expects that part of a relationship to be true with Him as well. Sending Him a text to say hello once a while won’t cut it. Imagine texting the Lord as often as you text your family and friends. You can! Your texts are open messages from your heart to His. Feed that thread of messages with hellos and I love you’s. He is a Person. He cares and He loves hearing from you. Don’t spend a day without sending Him a heart message. He knows how you feel about Him but He wants to hear it and He wants you to hear it too. Your heart for the Lord has a language that should be expressed. He will always reply. He has millions of ways to reciprocate and most of them are phenomenal ways that we can’t fathom but His Spirit shows them to us. The Lord’s love for you and me is deeper than the deepest ocean and that is very deep! The One whose love can go to the depths of the seas is holding your hand all week long. The deepest love of them all is holding your hand this week. Tell Him thank you. Talk to Him as much as you can. Laugh with Him. Rejoice! An ocean of love is following you wherever you will be this week.



God is going to make this week awesome simply because He can. His Spirit is going to point out all the wonderful things that are taking place in your life. Sunday night can’t event start to tell you how good your week is going to be. Fear will try to intimidate you every day of the week. When those dreadful thoughts arise, remind them that your almighty Lord is by your side. I am excited about the things that the Lord has in store for you this week. Keep connecting with Him no matter how busy it gets. Don’t fit Him into your world. Let your world fit into Him. He is the priority and everything else comes after Him. When we keep that mentality, we embrace the God mentality. We start thinking like God. We trade our priorities for His and when that happens, anything can happen. The Lord who can make anything happen is going to give you a week to remember. Expect great things. Expect the impossible. See doors open. See it with your eyes of faith. Every second of every minute of every hour of this week you are going to be with God. You can’t fail. You can’t lose. Praise the Lord for all He does and who He is. Enjoy this phenomenal week!


Suggested reading: Joshua 1:5; Matthew 28:20; Hebrews 13:5-6



4 thoughts on “God is going to make this week a great week

  1. Awesome post Eliah! Too many conflate God with church and make the same mistake. He is not the church, and the church is not God. When we learn this, there is an ocean of opportunity to finally have a vibrant stunning relationship with our Beloved Creator.

    When our heart belongs to Him, yielded and still, He will lead us in ways that are incredible to behold. Truly it will be a great week. Not because of any event that may or may not happen but simply because He is and you are. That is it. When who we are is completely in Him then nothing can shake us from this inexplicable peace.

    May your week be full of opportunities to expose ‘self’ so you can repent and be free of anything that would rob you of the presence of God. May you also be full to the brim with His goodness and peace. May He expand your capacity to surrender to His love.

    Homer Les

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  2. Enjoyed the communication concept of sending text messages to God. You are so right. I text my mom all throughout the day. I talk to God that way, too but this makes sense in today’s way of communicating. Thanks. I’m texting God right now in my spirit. I know He received it and is formulating a reply at this very moment. Amen!

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