Taking the highway to Heaven

Do you ever feel the presence of God? Do you find that certain things bring you into the presence of God? Do you get into His presence faster when you do something specific? I have said this many times and I want to repeat it today; praise is the fastest route to God’s presence. There is a song called “Praise is the highway.” I love the lyrics and I agree with them wholeheartedly. My prayer life and my spiritual life were revitalized and revived when I made praise a daily practice. Praise has become part of what I always do and part of who I am. I can’t have a stable and balanced spiritual life without praise. It seems that something major is missing when I don’t praise. I also see a shift in my emotions and feelings when I don’t praise. It’s not a positive shift. It makes me cranky and short-tempered which is not in my nature. The lack of praise turns me into the person that I am not supposed to be. It splits my personality and gives vent to more negativity than I should let in. Praise is a cure for the everyday malaise and moodiness. It is a door into God’s presence and when you are in His presence you are filled with peace, patience, joy and love even for just a moment. Praise does that. It fills you up with God’s goodness. It gives you an injection of God. I am inviting you today to make praise a daily habit. Live a life of praise. You can work on making it be natural to your mind, spirit and body. Make it be a part of you. Let it define who you are and let it be an indication of who your true self is. Praise is the highway to the heart of God. It is the highway to Heaven and you can be on that road every day.


Praise is a blanket. It is a blanket that covers you from the negative chatter of the enemy. When those negative voices get loud in your head, get out the blanket of praise and it will cover you and protect you from the violent words that are trying to spoil your sanity. The blanket of praise will wrap you in the arms of love. When you praise, the Lord extends His arms and keeps you warm and safe. He is in your praises. He inhabits the words of joy and celebration that you utter in His honor. He won’t leave you in the cold when you praise. He will surround you and shield you from the rain. The enemy will rain on your parade every chance he gets but God will keep your parade covered when you take out the blanket of praise! With praise you can also have a blanket under your feet and walk over the enemy’s territory without being harmed. The enemy will lay traps in front of you but your praises will be a protection as the Lord deals with the enemy’s snares for you. Praise Him!


Praise takes you directly to the heart of God. Like the song says, praises are the highway to the throne of God. A highway can be traveled on at high speed. It’s not like a small country road. With the Lord you are not taking backroads when you are praising Him. You are shooting your way to the top and you have easy access to His throne. Praise will give you the speed that will get you to a destination of joy. Praise brings joy. It touches your heart and it fills you with bliss. Praise will transform your mood in no time. It will drive you to joyful land as you give in to its power. If you are having a hard time finding peace and joy, give in to praise. Give the sacrifice of praise and the Lord will give you the benefit of peace. Praise does wonders and it shows you signs of God’s kindness and love. Praise is a highway that draws you nearer to God’s heart and you can hear the beat of His love, one praise word at a time. Get into praise today. Don’t wait until church on Sunday. Praise is a highway less traveled by the Christian community and you and I can change that. Let’s encourage others to praise every day. Let’s sing to the Lord a love song every chance we get. Your song is going to change the atmosphere in your mind, in your heart and around you. Get on the road of praise and see what the Lord does in your life. Your praises will make God rain in your life in ways that you have never seen before!


Suggested reading:  1 Chronicles 16:23-31; Daniel 2:20; Hebrews 12:28-29



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