Receiving peace from God

I have been experiencing outbursts of peace. They are like jolts of intense peace that come at random times. They make me feel so fulfilled and so content. I could be in the middle of work and all of a sudden that peace comes in and makes me smile. It intensifies everything that is good around me. It allows me to also stay God-minded for a few minutes and I believe that is why those moments take place. They are not my doing and they are not something I think about. It just happens. It started a little over a week ago. It reminds me of the saying that goes, “Peace is not the absence of trouble but the presence of Christ.” Jesus gives peace and He gets my attention with those outbursts of peace. He redirects my focus and He shows me that His presence can counteract any circumstances. This peace makes its way into all sorts of situations. One time I was leaving the parking lot of the school where I work and my mind was overloaded with some of the things that had happened earlier that day. My mind was going down some chaotic paths and diving into a sea of confusion. Suddenly that peace that makes no sense took over my thoughts and landed there for a while. Everything looked so fresh and pure for a few minutes. It appeared that I was being served a slice of Heaven on a platter of joy. I couldn’t get over how it changed the atmosphere and pushed out the anxiety that was trying to get in. When the Lord talks about peace that surpasses all understanding He is not mincing His words. He means it!


I used to think that I had to make things happen myself when it came to receiving peace of mind or joy. I had to put in effort and time to gain peace. I also thought I would get things based on how good and how holy I was. Lack of peace meant lack of piety. At least that is how I saw it as a young adult. I would go through times of unrest and think that they had to do with my shortcomings and my imperfections. I was very wrong. What irks me is that many people are fooled by that idea. They are deceived and made to think that they are not worthy of peace. The Lord gives freely and He gives abundantly. His peace can rule in our hearts. We first need to believe that it can happen and that the free gift of peace if for anyone who is in Christ no matter how imperfect they are. We were called to peace and I am here to encourage you to thank the Lord for peace. As you do, you will see an increase of His peace that surpasses all understanding in your life. It is available and it comes from the Lord Himself. His Spirit in you is always ready to dispense peace. When trouble hits, the Lord’s peace hits harder!


Now, I was stunned by how the Lord’s peace kept my mind on Him. His peace overwhelmed what was overwhelming me. That’s when I knew this was from God. I could not have done it on my own. I was becoming a slave to my thoughts and I couldn’t get out of that mental space where overthinking was dominating my head. The Lord came to my rescue through His amazing peace. The truth is we can all receive it. God is no respecter of people. He has the peace you need to feel light again today. Bring your fears and anxiety to Him. Unload the burdens of your overactive mind on Him. Overthinking has an enemy and it’s the Lord’s peace. Let the Lord’s peace wage war for you. Let His peace give you the joy and the rest you need today. God’s peace is going to make your day a much better day. Expect outbursts of serenity. Expect to be touched by the Lord. Thank Him for His peace. Thank Him for His love. He loves you too much to see you live in a state of constant mental turmoil. The Lord blesses His people with peace. Receive it in Jesus’ name!


Suggested reading: Psalm 29:11; Isaiah 26:12; Colossians 3:15


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