All the damage you can cause

The enemy can wreak havoc in our lives and make a big mess. He can cause a lot of damage and leave us depleted of hope, courage, peace and joy. It can happen but it doesn’t mean it has to be that way. The Lord is our Rock and our salvation and He can derail the enemy in his attempts to ruin our lives. With the Rock of Ages, you can set the derailment in motion. Have you ever thought about how much damage you can cause to the enemy’s plans? In Jesus’ name you have the power to ruin the enemy’s plans for your life. You can wreak havoc in a glorious way. How? Everything you do that the Bible recommends, can make holes in the enemy’s plans. Every time you yield to God’s will, you aggravate the enemy. Every time you pray, you mess him up. Every time your faith rises, you put the enemy down. Every time you praise, you drive the enemy crazy. Every time you walk in love, you push the enemy away. Every time you have the joy of the Lord, you sadden the enemy. Today I want to encourage you to do what the Lord shows you to do in His Word not just to cause the enemy to snap but because it will make your life more enjoyable. There is power in the Word of God and God’s power is found in all the actions and words presented in the Bible. Speak the Word. Live out the Word. You will cause damage to the enemy’s plans and you will see God’s plans unfold in a beautiful way.



When something is damaged, it loses its usefulness and its normal function. A damaged good is a good that can’t be used properly and it’s a good that has lost its value. When the enemy tries to damage you, he tries to make you lose your value. He works on your mind and he does his best to make sure you see yourself as someone of lesser value. He knows that if he can get you there, he can take you anywhere he wants and bring you down a spiral of self-deprecation and low self-esteem. God values you immensely and His love for you is beyond what you can imagine. The enemy hates God’s love for you and damaging your self-image is a strategy he uses to separate you from God’s love. The greater the damage, the greater the pleasure for him. He has a net put in place to trap you and to break you. His net is made of tricks and schemes that are meant to draw you away from God. However, nothing can separate you from God’s love. It’s always there. It’s time you let that sink in. It’s time you endorsed God’s love and ran with it. God’s love will give you the strength to stand against the enemy and reverse what was intended to harm you. Get your faith gear on and put on God’s love. It suits you like a glove. It makes you look good and it will keep you strong. Stand up with God’s love and start causing some damage to the enemy’s net. Tear it apart with the power of God. You have what it takes to terrorize the opposition with goodness and kindness. Be ready to ruin what was trying to wreck you.



When I am in prayer mode, I feel this amazing connection with God. It’s an amplified connection. I get plugged into the heart of the Lord. There is a direct line going to and from God during prayer. That line is like a bridge that can’t be taken down. The enemy doesn’t like that bridge and he will try to bring it down whatever way he can. That is why it is so important to be persistent and diligent with prayer. Prayer is something the adversity hates. Think about it. Prayer is God talking to you and you fellowshipping with Him. You hear God’s heart during prayer and you get to make requests. Now, when you praise, the enemy gets nervous. He can’t stand the name of Jesus and he can’t stand seeing you rejoice over Him. I say keep on rejoicing. Keep on praising. You are causing so much damage to the enemy’s traps and to his lies. When you worship, the enemy’s lies are unveiled and you see the truth. When you stay in faith, you are building borders that wall the enemy in and that keep him from reaching you. When you read your Bible, you become a strong soldier of the Lord equipped with wisdom and truth. Keep doing what you are doing. Stay strong in the Lord. Keep showing love. Keep accepting people. Keep giving. Every time you demonstrate compassion and love, you shatter hate and wickedness. Keep causing damage to the enemy. Don’t get weary. God’s love will always be on your side!


Suggested reading: Psalm 62; Romans 8:31-39; James 4:7

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