Hold on to God’s Word

I hold on to my Bible when I pray. I hold on to my Bible when I meditate on the Lord. It is symbolic. It doesn’t mean that I can’t pray and I can’t meditate if I don’t have my Bible. It is a habit I have that triggers something in me and that pushes me forward when I need to launch myself into a prayerful state. It keeps me focused and it keeps me grounded. Holding on to God’s Word is primordial. God is His Word and it would be hard to get to know God if we discarded His Word. The Word of God is an anchor just as much as the Lord is our anchor. What are you holding on to as the foundation for your Christian walk? Where is your base? What and Who is your anchor? The Word of God is a source of inexhaustible treasures and we can learn something new from it every single day of our lives. Holding on to this repertoire of treasures is amazing. We will never run dry and we will always have a fountain of life at our disposal when we hold on to the Word of God. I want to encourage you today to always hold on to the Word of God. Stand on it on all occasions. Let it be your guide for life. Go to it for answers. Go to it for peace. Make it your daily place of visitation. Stay with the Word despite the world!


For years I held on to superstitions and to luck as a way of life. I believed that if I did certain things that supposedly brought luck, I would be successful in life. That notion of good luck and bad luck did more damage to my spiritual structure than anything else. With God there is no good luck or bad luck. There is always hope and there is always a way. It might be our way but God’s way and His way is always the best. Holding on to God’s Word erased all the superstitions I had. It wiped out the thinking I had developed and it replaced it with faith and hope in the Lord. I understood that I wasn’t under the law of the world but the law of the Word. What is true in the world is not necessarily true in the Word. I don’t have to be subject to all the principles and spiritual rules of the world. I don’t have to expect the worst. I don’t have to pray to different gods until one of them gives me what I want. I don’t have to live in pain as evidence of my piety. I don’t have to live miserable and sad. I don’t have to suffer from the attacks of the enemy and not have hope of a better tomorrow. The Word of God is powerful and it changed my life. It readjusted my spiritual structure and it made me stronger. It gave the calcium my spiritual bones needed so to speak. The Word of God gives life even where death is prevalent.


Keep in mind that no one can stand up to God. No one and nothing can stand up to His Word. Through the test of time His Word remains the same. God’s Word will never change. One of its characteristics is that it needs to be read prayerfully and with the help of the Holy Spirit. We can’t stand on it without any guidance otherwise we will miss out on the deeper meanings and create doctrines that were never meant to exist. People have used the Word of God to justify their actions and terrible events such as slavery came out of misinterpretations of the Bible. If you are going to stand on the Word of God, be sure that you are enlightened by its truth and not by men’s reactions. Hold to the Word of truth and not the word of mouth. Before anything else stand on love because that is the main foundation of God’s Word. Holding on to God’s Word is holding on to love in all situations. It’s using the filter of God’s love to live this life.  If I say that I am holding on to God’s Word but I am not walking in love, I am living a lie. Today hold on to God’s love really tight. Let it govern your life. Let God’s Word be your life. It will change you and you will never be the same!



Suggested reading: Joshua 23:8-16; 1 Peter 1:25; 2 Peter 3:16


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