One day at a time

One of my friends used to deal with some tough situations all the time. She had to be strong for her family and she would tell me that she was taking one day at a time. I loved hearing that expression because it is very much in line with what God says about how we should react to life. “One day at a time” implies that we are staying in the moment and we are focusing on what is happening now without worrying about tomorrow. God doesn’t want any of us to ever worry and yet worrying is our default setting so to speak. What the Lord does when He tells us not to worry is reprogramming our settings. He is applying His default settings to ours so that ours give way and let His settings take precedence. His original settings are always set to hope, faith and peace. His settings don’t ever go awry and they don’t ever break down. He has set a lot in stone.



What God has set is forever and it can’t be changed. His love, His peace, His joy and His goodness will always be and we might as well enjoy them now.  For Him living one day at a time is living at His pace. It’s living in total faith and in total gratitude. What should you do then? How should you adopt God’s settings? You should enjoy today. Embrace today and don’t worry about tomorrow because the Lord will take care of tomorrow the way He takes care of today. God always knows best. Focus on what is happening now but look at it through the eyes of gratitude. Count your blessings. Love the life you have. Find the good and minimize the bad. Look at the good, the bad and the ugly but hand the bad and the ugly to the Lord. Live your life one day at a time. Slow down. Don’t go ahead of your destiny. Live it now.



One of my dear colleagues used the expression “One day at a time” yesterday and revived this whole message for me. It is so easy to forget when we are busy and we are doing a million things. It’s easy to forget when a million things happen to us and bury the day. We are left with very little time to embrace the moment. Busyness should not be synonymous with dizziness. When I am so busy sometimes it feels like my head is spinning and the deadlines and projects make me dizzy. However, if I take a moment to thank God for the work at hand and to thank Him that I have things to do, the dizziness goes away. You see, one day at a time is also a way of scrutinizing the details of the day and loving what the Lord is doing through them. I love my job but when it gets busy, I must be careful not to get carried away and dislike what is meant to be appreciated. When we enjoy one day at a time, we don’t take life for granted. We don’t take God for granted and that is extremely important.



One version of Matthew 6:34 says “Give your entire attention to what God is doing right now.” This implies not living in the past. It means we shouldn’t rehearse past failures in our minds. We should stay where we are because where we are is amazing. God is everywhere and He is in the now. When you stay in the now, you are staying with God. Enjoy His presence at this very moment. Enjoy His love. Bad things might have happened to you but today is the day the Lord has made. You will rejoice and be glad in it and all bad memories will go away. Today is a good day to have a good day as people say because today was created by the One and only who is good all the time. He made this day just for you and He made it good. Stay in the moment. Savor today. Great things are going to take place today. Trust God one day at a time if that helps your faith. Use the amount of faith you have for today. God will give you enough faith for tomorrow. God is going to be with you all day. He is going to love you all day. He has all it takes for you to have an amazing day today. Thank Him for the moment. Thank Him for today’s blessings. Tomorrow will take care of itself and with the Lord it is going to be another amazing day but take it one day at a time!


Suggested reading: Ecclesiastes 9:7-9; Jeremiah 1:5; Matthew 6:34 (MSG version)


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