God will be your strength when you are weak

After my surgery a few weeks ago my energy level was very low. I didn’t think it would get that bad. I couldn’t teach for three days. I couldn’t drive for two days and I couldn’t be around people without feeling wiped out. The fatigue lasted for about a week. I couldn’t wait to feel like myself again. I was so weak that it seemed at times that I wouldn’t get my energy back. I have to say that when I was weak, God was my strength. He kept me going spiritually. My body was fragile but my spirit was enthusiastic and it got its stamina from the Holy Spirit. God remained my charger the whole time my energy was depleted. I couldn’t run a marathon physically but my spirit was doing a spiritual triathlon. I didn’t change my prayer habit. I praised with the little energy I had and that’s what the Lord wanted. He wants us to give Him the little we have so He can multiply it. Give God your small loaf of bread and your fish and He will multiply it and feed you spiritually until there is plenty of it left over. Your weak praise in time of physical debilitation is your small loaf of bread. Your prayer despite the pain is your little fish. The little you have will produce great results that will sustain you spiritually. Today I am here to tell you that when you are weak, God is your strength. When you don’t have the energy to stand, God will be your crutch that will allow you to be taller than the adversity. Don’t give up if you are feeling weak now. There is an unlimited supply of energy coming your way. The Lord is still strong and He will never change!


Weakness is a state or condition of lacking energy. We all get to that state at some point. It’s easy to give up when we feel weak. It’s easy to think that we can’t face trouble when we are weak. On our own it is difficult. When we get the Lord involved, it is a piece of cake. The kind of cake that you can have and eat too. God will not only give you the energy you are lacking but He will keep it going as you stay in faith. I have found that with Him the energy comes from the inside. The power of the Holy Spirit is birthed in our spirit and the whole process works from the inside out. The Lord touches our spirits and gives them a boost. Spiritual boosts always affect the rest of our being. I remember two weeks ago feeling so low until I was hit by the joy of the Lord. I said a tiny prayer. I showed the Lord that I was holding on to Him even though my body wanted to call it quits and just sulk and be miserable. The prayer was short but it was like replacing a fuse and getting the light back on. The light came with joy. I felt unexpected and inexplicable joy during the suffering. The joy that was put on the inside radiated on the outside and it made gain some energy back. The joy of the Lord is our strength and it will keep us going in all circumstances. The key is to tap into the joy and the peace of the Lord.



The Lord went through the suffering humanity would go through when He was on the cross. He carried your pain. He carried my pain. He carried the pain of every single person who will ever live. That is a lot of pain! He suffered every pain possible and yet He rose from the dead. Think about how powerful He is! The Lord has all the power it takes to help you. He will strengthen you and help you. When weakness tells you that you are done, talk to it and magnify your Lord. It is good to remind any form of opposition how much bigger the Lord is. It is also good for us to hear it when we say it out loud. It changes the atmosphere and it deletes a lot of negative feelings and emotions. If you are feeling weak right now, turn to the Lord. He will carry your burdens. He will give you His burden that is light. Trade your weakness for His strength through prayer. Submit yourself to Him. Let Him take control. Stay in peace in His love. God will always be your strength when you are weak if you let Him!


Suggested reading: Nehemiah 8:10; Isaiah 43: 1-3; Matthew 11:28


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