Be still and know that He is God

“Be still and know that I am God” resounded in my spirit a lot over the weekend when I was recovering from the surgery. He is God. He is in control. What do I have to worry about? Nothing. It is all going to work out in the end. It’s going to get better. Things are going to change. The pain will go away. I shouldn’t fret and I shouldn’t throw a spiritual fit because no matter what I am facing, the Lord is still the Lord. Simple truth with a powerful spiritual punch. It’s the kind of punch we need every day. Life slaps us in the face and we passively take it and bend under pressure. It’s time we rose up and declared that God is still God even when it hurts, even when life makes no sense. That’s the punch we can give to our circumstances. All we have to do is be still. What does that look like? When we are still, we don’t move and we don’t make a sound. God is telling us not to move and not to make a sound. Movement is synonymous to agitation here and not making a sound signifies not complaining and not panicking. God is reassuring us by certifying that He is God Almighty and we have no reason to worry. Today I want to reiterate what the Lord is saying. Be still, friend and know that He is God. Nothing in this world is greater than God. You don’t need to panic. God is in control. Not your fears and not your emotions unless you give them permission.


We too often give permission to our feelings and our emotions to take over and rule our lives. Faith doesn’t live in the realm of our emotions. It’s outside our feelings. How can we be still if we always wait on our emotions to dictate what we should do? To be still in front of God we have to divorce our feelings and marry our faith. It sounds funny but it works well. We are so attached to our feelings because they easily spring out of us and it’s not wrong to have feelings. After all we are human but we ought to disengage our feelings when things are not going well. We should put faith in first gear and let our feelings take a back seat so that our faith can drive us where we need to go. When we let faith take over, we will be still. Faith doesn’t understand panic. Faith brings stability and peace. It opens the door to stillness and it closes the window that leads to distress. Faith sees God for who He is and knows that is all-capable and powerful all the time.


When I get still, I can hear God. When I get still, the sound of panic is muffled and songs of hope emerge. Becoming still in front of God gives us a major advantage. It allows us to get to the front of the line so to speak. We get ahead of life by being in harmony with God. Stillness is powerful. It makes loudness seem small. The loud sounds of the world don’t scare us when we are still. Being still is also like being invited into the presence of the Lord. He is in the silence. He is in the contemplation. He is in the quiet moments. I have quiet times with God twice a day. They help me recalibrate and get redirected. I couldn’t make it without being still with God. How did I make it before is a question I ask myself a lot. My quiet time with God is a daily reminder of His majesty, His goodness and His love. It’s time well-spent when I can listen to His soothing voice and get comfort and guidance. Be still, friend today. God is on your side and He is working behind the scenes lining up blessings after blessings so be still. He is still God!


Suggested reading: Exodus 14:14; Psalm 46:10; James 1:19



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