The power to change your world

God gives us tools we can use to maneuver through life. He has all that we need and it’s up to us to put those tools to good use. The main tool is the Bible and if it collects dust and never gets read it won’t do us any good. I learned that the hard way. I couldn’t base my beliefs on scriptures and it poisoned my spiritual life because it wasn’t fed the right manna. Now every day is a Bible day. Sometimes I purposely do a study or sometimes I focus on verses the Spirit brings to my attention. The Bible has changed my life and it is impacting the world around me. I used to feel that my little world was not going to change. I wanted more. I wanted the excitement that I believed my world should be experiencing. Then I was led to look at three tools that the Lord has given all of us and that can change our worlds. Today I want to talk about three amazing tools that can change your world. Those tools are your words, your faith and your love. I use the adjective “your” because they belong to you. God gave them to you.



I have mentioned the power of our words many times. Our words are tools that can build or that can destroy. We ought to use them wisely and we ought to make sure that they align with God’s Word and His will. Our words should be loaded with positivity. We should never be afraid to overdo it. God is a positive God and His words are extremely positive. They are the most positive words that exist. We are to copy the Lord and speak the way He does. We don’t need to sound like a King James’ verse but we need to be in sync with God’s heart in what we say. Our words are like a muscle that needs to be flexed the right way in order to grow stronger. The more positive we are, the more we are building an Ark of positivity that will shelter us when a deluge of negativity comes our way. Think of the words that put a smile on people’s face and shun the words that make people frown. Think of the words that resonate with God’s Spirit and avoid the words that echo the enemy’s mind. Speak love. Speak faith. Speak possible. Speak impossible. Speak life. Speak joy. Speak peace. Speak God’s language. Speak about God. Let your words be mirrors that reflect the beautiful of the Lord. Let your words always give credit to God and let them be testimonies to His greatness.



Faith is a powerful tool that makes everything possible. It will change your world and give it a fresh coat of heavenly paint. Anyone who will enter your world will see how much faith has fashioned your world. Faith speaks and faith also believes. Faith is a tool that removes obstacles and hurdles. It is like a hammer that tears down the walls of doubt. It builds secure structures that hold your life together nicely and that keep you grounded in the Lord. When faith sees there is something wrong in your world, it doesn’t stay passive. It goes to work in order to fix what’s wrong. It stands on God’s Word with tenacity until things change. It doesn’t give up. It’s like a pair of scissors that keep cutting negativity until it’s all gone. It’s sturdy and it is strong. Let your faith get as strong as it can get by spending time in the Word of God, the tool of all tools. Faith also has the ability to propel you to the mountain tops. It sees no limits and nothing is too big for it. Think of it as the catapult that will send you above the horizon of distress and that will allow you to land on better grounds. Faith does that. It goes above and beyond the natural and it takes you into the supernatural. Use faith all the time. Use that great tool and start building strongholds of trust in the Lord!



There are many other tools at our disposal but “your love” is the last one I will talk about today. God gave us love. It is in us. It is with us. We have it so we can give it out. If we don’t know we have it, we won’t be good stewards of the Lord who desires for us to distribute as much love as possible and to serve one another in love. Imagine how much better our worlds would be if we were all diligent servers of love! My little world and your world need love. There are no circles of people that don’t long for love or need love. Love changes everything. It charges the air with peace and with hope. God’s love saves the world and we should all be partakers in this mission. There is so much hate everywhere these days. The tool of your love can chop down hate and rebuild your world with peace. Love is a tool that makes peace possible. It’s like a flashlight that leads the way to better days. It illuminates everything and brings light where there was darkness. Love sees the best in everyone and it wants to help everyone. It’s the sledgehammer that makes holes in hatred and replaces it with goodness. Find people who walk in love. Combine your love with the love of others and you will create fortresses where discrimination and segregation are not allowed. Walk in love, walk in faith and speak words of positivity and you will be on your way to changing the world around you. It’s powerful!


Suggested reading: Proverbs 15:4; 1 Corinthians 13; 1 Peter 3:10


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