What is the Word of God?

What is the Word of God? A straightforward answer would be saying that it is the Bible. It is and when you dig more deeply in the Word, you find out that the Lord is the Word. He is His own Word. He is a God of His Word so to speak. He is faithful to who He is and so He is faithful to His Word. The Bible is God’s promise that He is God and that He abides by His true self. He can’t deny His Word because He would be denying Himself. He can’t go back on His Word because He would be betraying who He is. He can’t change His Word because He can’t and won’t change. The Lord was, is and will always be the same. He can’t minimize His Word because He would be downplaying Himself. He can’t compromise on His Word because He would be compromising Himself.



God is defined as being love. The Lord is the personification of love. He is the creator of love. God is love so His Word is love. His Word was never meant to be a source of controversy and strife. It was never meant to produce conflicts, discrimination or any form of hate. There is no hate in God so there is no hate in His Word. There is warning against hate and the wiles of the enemy. There are descriptions of what hate is about but God doesn’t attach Himself to hate in any way nor does He embrace it. Why has the Bible been used to serve men’s twisted ways then? I think it has to do with twisted interpretations and lack of understanding of the central message of the Bible which is God is love. Today I want to emphasize the importance of reading the Word of God for what it is and seeing it for what it stands for. It will always stand for love and love is the main filter that should be used when attempting to comprehend the Word of God.



You have probably heard people describe God’s Word as a love letter from Him to us. It’s a love letter comprised of accounts, stories, wisdom, commandments, encouragement and advice with the one goal to let us know that there is salvation in Jesus for whoever believes in Him and that He is love and we should walk in love. All that the Lord did by carrying our sins and infirmities, dying and coming back to life was all done in love. He laid His life for us in His name, in the name of love. That is what the Bible is all about. Our amazing Savior gave His life so we could have life in abundance, so we could know love and be love. It’s easy to focus on what appears to be controversial in the Word and to come up with doctrines based on isolated passages. God is His Word. His entire Word. Every passage put together creates a sense of God. Can we understand it all easily? No. Can we understand God easily? No. Should we pick and choose who God is based on verses that we deem more important than others? No. I strongly believe that love being the essence of who God is, should be what we retain from the Word.



When you prayerfully read the Word of God there is a strong sense of love. The Holy Spirit guides you and helps you understand. He is love and you will feel His love when you spend time in His Word. If you are feeling hate, confusion or frustration, recalibrate. Take a step back. Pray for enlightenment. Pray for direction. Pray that the eyes of your spirit are open. Pray for peace. Pray to know and feel love. Pray for distraction and interference from the enemy to go away. The enemy will always try to give you his two cents when it comes to interpreting the Word. Your own mind will try to give you its take when you try to read the Word. Let God give you His take on His Word. Let Him be the interpreter. Let the Holy Spirit be the ambassador of the Word. Let love be your filter. Let God be God in His Word. We will never get the meaning of every scripture in isolation but loving God and loving our neighbors as ourselves will always have the same meaning and that is the best message we can hold on to. God is His Word. His Word is love, friend. Study love meditate on love and use love against any attacks from the enemy. Stay grounded in the Word and you will be steadfast in your faith and in love!


Suggested reading: Psalm 119:105; Galatians 3:28; 2 Timothy 2:15


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