The believer’s mindset (God means what He says)

There are so many mindsets that are set in stone. Mindsets that are hard to get rid of. Some are positive and some can be destructive. I do believe that the Lord can help us and assist us in uprooting the destructive mindsets. It takes some work on our part. We must be in harmony with God and be willing to have our thinking transformed. Now, the positive mindsets are what we should hold on to and focus on. If we magnify the positive, the negative will get squashed. However, God should be our magnifier. His magnifying lens should be the one that we use to make the positive bigger. If we do it on our own without His backup, we will only last for so long. Our attempt will look like a tryout that fails in the mercy of the hands of destruction. Our positive mindset needs to attach itself to the Lord for it to produce lasting results. There is a mindset that is improving my life more and more each day. It’s the mindset that makes me believe that if God says I can do something, then I can do it. If God says it, I believe it. This is the mindset of the believers that always bounce back when they get slapped in the face by life’s dramatic events. Their fall is a “half fall.” God catch them on their way down and they don’t hit rock bottom. Why? Because they have made up their minds that God means what He says. He doesn’t mince His words. He speaks the truth and He doesn’t change His mind. Today I am inviting you to join this positive mindset and trust that God only says what He means. He is not like humans. He doesn’t lie and He doesn’t waver when it comes to His promises.




Where can you find what the Lord says you can do? The Bible is the obvious place you should explore to find out more. Make that exploration your life mission. You and I will never be able to understand and know everything but our quest is worthwhile. First remember that God made you and me in His image. We don’t get to enjoy the fullness of that truth until we accept Him but we are replicas of the Lord. When we accept Jesus as our Savior, we become images that are in sync with God and that can live a life filled with God’s presence maximized to a t. We are not hollow images anymore but we are filled with His Spirit. Before Christ in our hearts, we are like cars without gas, without an engine and without ignition. Our acceptance of Jesus is the ignition, His Spirit is the engine and our lives submitted to Him through prayer, praise, thanksgiving and repentance is the gas. The gas should be refilled and the engine should be maintained. It’s not so much that we should maintain the Holy Spirit. He is all set. We just need to acknowledge Him and keep our relationship with Him alive. As active images of God, there is so much we can do. More than we can imagine. The believer’s mindset that we need to adopt and nurture allows us to live out a great life in Christ where we can do all that He says we can do.




We could spend a lifetime discovering what the Lord says we can do. We could spend a lot of time analyzing what the Lord says in His Word. I am all for studying but I am also big on application. If God says it, I am going to believe it. Period. God says it and that settles it. I do think that the assistance of the Holy Spirit is extremely beneficial because He has no filter. Yes, the Spirit of God says it as it is. He has no human filters. He speaks God’s language without an interpreter. It is our minds that get in the way and that search for ways to repeat what He says with a twist, with a taint from our feelings and with emotions galore. The Holy Spirit gives us raw truth but we are quick to accept manufactured goods. Those goods can sound great and even holy but they can be more man-based than God-based. My advice is that you prayerfully dive into the Bible and let the Lord keep you afloat in the truth. Pray that you know. Pray that you grow. Pray that you get it. Pray that you believe it. Pray that you are an active image of God whose only desire is to be more like God. You can do everything that God says you can do. Reset your thinking and align it with Him. God means what He says. Say what He means and you will do what He intended you to do!


Suggested reading: Romans 12:2; Hebrews 4:12-13: 1 Peter 1:25


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