The power of the light of God

When I was a kid, I hated turning off the lights at night. I did it but I didn’t like it. I liked the light. I loved the sun but I couldn’t stand darkness. There was something oppressive about darkness. I was not a fan of not being able to see what was around me. I can admit that I was afraid of the dark but I dealt with it. When I read in the Bible that there was no darkness in God at all, I fell in love with the idea of the God of light. I loved the fact that God knew no darkness and there was absolutely no darkness in Him. Darkness is defined as partial or total absence of light. I am sure you feel that there is something missing when darkness sets in. Darkness also gives us the impression of the absence of life. I put darkness on the same side as death and light on the side of life. Isn’t it comforting to think that our God has conquered death and darkness? Jesus defeated death and all darkness. There is nothing to fear and nothing to worry about because darkness has no hold on us. We live in the light. We live in God’s light. There will always be darkness, absence of light that tries to seep into our lives. It doesn’t matter because we have the light. Our God shines brighter than the devil’s darkness. If you are facing some dark times right now, if the absence of light has been getting you down, take comfort in the truth that you have a God full of light on your side. His light will dissipate the darkness of your situation. Stay in faith. The presence of God’s light conquers all.



God is light and God is life. Focusing on God is focusing on light and life. It is also focusing on the hope of a brighter future. Darkness tends to make us forget what the light looks like. It blurs our physical and our spiritual vision to the point where we can’t see a glimmer of hope. However, if we turn around and focus on the light of the Lord, hope will come back. How do we actually turn around and focus on the light? We do it by getting in the Word of God. The Word of God is described as a lamp. It sheds light every time we open it and study it. The Word of God is a powerful weapon against all attacks of darkness. It makes everything clear and it makes darkness go away. Darkness is not afraid of Christians just because they are Christians. Darkness is afraid of Christians who live in the light, Christians who know who they are in Christ. Christians who carry the light and live through the light make darkness nervous. We can’t mix darkness and light and darkness is afraid of the light because it makes it go away. Turn on the light in a dark room and you will see a simple but yet powerful illustration of my point. It is simple but it is true. The light of the Lord chases the darkness of the enemy. Use God’s switch every time the rooms of your life get dark.



Saying that there is a lot of power in God is an understatement. God has all the power needed in every situation. The power of the Cross and the power of the blood of Jesus cannot be matched. The power of the light of the Lord is way superior to any forces of darkness. Any darkness that might be lying behind the trials you are going through are no match to the power of the light of God. Remember that His light will always cause darkness to go. Make sure that you let the Lord’s light shine in every situation. When darkness comes to your door, greet it with praise. Praise is full of God, praise is full of the light of God. When there is praise in the air, darkness has to go. Praise your way back to the light. Praise until all you see is the light of God and you don’t worry about your dark moments anymore. Praise yourself back to the heart of God. Greater is the One who lives in you than the one who lives in the world. Greater is the light that lives in you than the darkness that lives in this world. Stay in the light. Thank God for His light. The power of the light of God will destroy darkness all the time!


Suggested reading: Psalm 27:1; John 8:12; 1 John 1:5


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