How to act during tough times

When I was driving back from work today, the wind was very strong and I got caught in a whirlwind. There were branches, twigs and pieces of wood flying around like in a mini tornado and my car was the only car that had to go through it. I held on to my steering wheel very tight and I kept on driving. It made me think of how we all go through whirlwinds in life and the best thing we can do is hold on tight to the steering wheel of life, the Lord Almighty. I call Jesus the steering wheel of my life because He gives me direction. He is the truth, the way and the life. I find my way thanks to Him. His Spirit guides me and steers me away from evil when I let Him. Letting the Holy Spirit be my guide is what I want more than anything else and when the going gets tough I take the Holy Spirit stand. His stand reflects His fruit.



When you hold the stand of the Holy Spirit you approach life with peace and you stay calm in all situations. You speak love and you act out of love. You spread joy and you instill faith around you. When I was driving through that whirlwind of branches, I held the stand and I boldly kept on going. It was so metaphorical and so eye-opening. Keep on going, friend, no matter what is falling on you on the roads of life. You have the sturdiest steering wheel. “The truth, the way and the life” is with you always!



When those bad whirlwinds hit us, the key is to not let them spoil our joy and rob us of our peace. Hope is what should always drive us. That is why it is so important to stay filled with the Spirit. How do we do that? I’m going to sound like a broken record and say that prayer is the main ingredient to a successful spiritual recipe. There is no way around it. Talking to the Father, fellowshipping with Him, opening up to Him and glorifying Him are powerful ways of staying filled with the Spirit. When we are filled with Him, we find joy easily, peace, hope, faith and love. We ought to go through refillings of the Spirit all the time. This often requires separation from the world.



I have periods of time when I shut down and stay off the grid. Those are the times when I refill. The first thing that goes is my phone. My phone is great and I am thankful for it but it can’t take the place of my Lord. There is a great need to create space for God and when that space is filled with social media, texting and other phone related activities, the space for God becomes tiny. I have full days when all I do with my phone is post my daily message, email family and then the phone is on “Do not disturb” for the rest of the day or completely off. Does that sound impossible or crazy? Give it a shot. It will change the way you interact with God. I also take at least an hour off every day to refuel and get my Holy Ghost energy back.



We can’t avoid the whirlwinds of life but we can control how we handle them and how we act through them. Acting with God’s heart during a time of trial is an amazing way to be. My prayer is that we all hold the Holy Spirit stand during the worst times and the best times of our lives. The Lord is with us and He will always be the truth, the way and the life. Enjoy the road ahead and hold on to the Steering wheel!

Suggested reading: John 10:9; John 14:6; Acts 4:12


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