What really matters

When you are bombarding by a storm of problems and the rain of trials doesn’t seem to let up, it is easy to lose sight of what matters. The enemy will always try to distract you and make you lose focus. He will do his best to create events that will take you away from God. He will make you magnify your problems so that they become the center of your attention. He will do what he can to blind your spiritual eyes by putting fear, anxiety and concerns in front of your natural eyes. He knows that if he can make you focus on what you see and not on what you should believe, he has won the battle. He is roaming around ready to devour your faith, putting dents in your joy and gnawing at your peace like an unwanted rodent. Distraction from God is one of his biggest tools. Attraction to the negative is one of his biggest desires. In those moments of tribulations, losing sight of what matters is a frequent occurrence. The key is to pray to God that you can get your spiritual sight back so to speak. Today I want to encourage you to keep your eyes on what matters the most. I want to motivate you to hold on to the truth of the Lord because that is what truly matters. Take His truth over the lies of the enemy no matter how real those lies appear to be. Faith is about believing what you can’t see and not paying attention to what you see!



When everything is going well, I have a great time keeping up with my Christian habits
. I can pray and praise for a while. I can meditate on the Word. I can walk in love at a beautiful pace. I can embrace joy, peace and all the fruit of the Spirit. I can sing a new song into the Lord all the time. I can keep my eyes on the beauty of the Lord and I can feel His goodness vibrate in every part of my spirit. It’s when my Christian boat is rocked by the waves of difficulties that my habits get tossed around and my faith is tested. I used to lose grip on my joy and peace used to escape me so quickly. Then I learned that I needed to keep my eyes on what matters. I learned that when a storm is shaking my life, I need to shake it back into place with praise.


Praising the Lord keeps us grounded in Him. It gives us the right perspective. The Lord should always be our perspective. He should always influence our perception of things. He is the One who truly matters. Time will pass, things will change but the Lord will never change. The way He was yesterday is exactly how He is today. He should still be the focus of our attention. He should still be acknowledged as the reason for our redemption. He should still be on the throne of our lives. Nothing that happens to us should alter our vision of the One who died for us. If you are going through a time of confusion and all you see is your debts, your failures, your lacks, your wounds and your fear, change your focus. Don’t lose sight of the Lord. Let praise put your eyes back on God. Don’t give the enemy the satisfaction of playing with your mind and your heart. Confuse the enemy with your praises to God and with thanksgiving to Him. Don’t lose sight of what matters. Jesus will always be the One who matters!

Suggested reading: Psalm 34:1; Daniel 2:20; Philippians 4:6

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