One powerful way to handle bad news

No one likes getting bad news, a bill or a bad medical report. I have had my share of those but I have also had a chance to see God at work after some bad news had been delivered. The enemy is good at delivering bad news but God is the messenger of the good news that trumps all bad news. The good news of the Gospel is presented in the Word of God, the living Word. His living Word is meant to come alive and to envelop our lives with its presence. There are no lives that God can’t change. There is no bad news that God can’t rectify and turn into something good. The Gospel of the good news of Jesus will impact your life as you stand in faith. Good news is at your fingertips in the Bible and it is your faith that will move it from the pages of the Sacred Word to the pages of you’re the story of your life. God can blend His Word into your world in such a perfect way that signs and wonders will start popping into your life. When faced with bad news, it is time to turn to the Book that has all the good news you need.


The Word of God is the one book that always gives me a smile
. It awakens the Spirit of God in me. It brightens my day and it gives me hope. I have made it a habit to always start my day with the Bible. I want to wrap my mind with the power of God’s words first thing in the morning before I hear the sad words of the world. Hope is what is in the pages of the Book that changes everything. I need that change right away. I need the negativity to be stopped before it is spread into my day. You know how sometimes getting good news that is incredible makes bad news seem so small? That is what God’s Word can do. The more we read it, the more we dip ourselves into it, the less we are shaken by bad news. I want to be so filled with the good news of the Gospel of Jesus that no bad news can shock me or derail me.


Bad news can be a shock to your system and it can destabilize your spiritual core
. When I work out at the gym, my trainer wants me to engage my core and to work on strengthening it. The Word of God can do that to our spiritual core. It can make it stronger and it can make it stable. When your core is strong and stable it is very hard to weaken it. A strong spiritual core is what we need to develop. It will affect our emotions and it will have an impact on our minds in a very positive way. I want to encourage you to make your spiritual core a place where the Holy Spirit can freely express Himself, guide you and lead you. Study the Word. Study with the Holy Spirit. Pray about what you learn. Meditate on the Word. Meditate on the Lord. Daily meditation will help you develop the spiritual maturity you need to face the calamities of the world. Stay with the Word and stay with the Lord and you will always be ready to face adversity and rise above your trials and tribulations, bad news included.

Suggested reading: Mark 16:15; Luke 4:18; Romans 1:16



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