There is no one like God

They say that people remember more how someone made them feel and not necessarily what they said. I have some amazing people in my life that have made me feel great and that have contributed to my happiness throughout the years. My family is one of my biggest sources of joy. There is no doubt about it. I can also say for sure that no one has made me feel the way God has made me feel. When things are tough, I go back to how He has made me feel. I don’t apprehend Him through my feelings. I don’t rely on my feelings when I think about God but the way He makes me feel is something I can’t deny and I can’t ignore. The joy that I have experienced since I made that connection with Jesus is above anything I have ever felt before. I remember the first few times I couldn’t believe it was possible to feel that good. I thought it was out of this world and it is. It felt so good and so comforting that I bet no one around me had felt that way or they would have shouted it out on the mountain tops. There is no one like God. There is no one that can make you feel joy and peace that surpass all understanding. There is no one that can say something so beautiful and so profound to you that it stays etched in your heart forever. With God there is always more. More than men. More than the world. Today I want to emphasize the fact that there is no one like our God. It is very important to believe that and to remind ourselves of that. No one is as big and as good as our God Almighty.



I strongly believe in building up God.
I believe in magnifying Him and exalting Him. I think that we too often reduce Him to a smaller version of who He is. We see Him as just a bit above our pastor or our church leaders. We give Him a rank that is slightly above the rank of men or of angels. God is way more than that. He is so much more that we can’t fathom the depth of His existence. Will we ever know how big He is? One thing I know is that we can do our best to lift Him up and make Him bigger in our minds and in our hearts. It should be a daily endeavor to stretch our minds and let God be God. I know that the bigger He is to me, the bigger my faith is in the impossible. It’s when I see God as a smaller entity that my faith fails and I don’t grasp the truth of who He is. God is larger than life. Think about that. Life is huge and God is huger than that. Life comprises all you know and God is bigger than all you will ever know.


When I think of all I have endured in life and I think about how much more powerful God is, it gives me hope for the future. No matter how bad it gets, God will always be greater. No matter how painful it gets, God will always prevail. No matter how much hate is thrown my way, God’s love will always reign. God will always find a way to make me feel His peace, His love and His joy when I trust Him. I want my heart to be receptive to this love even more. I am working on expanding my ability to receive from God. It also has to do with my mental disposition towards God. I need to work on tearing down the thoughts that are misrepresenting God. There is no one bigger than the Lord who gave His life for me so I could have the life I have now. Let’s think bigger. Let’s think larger. Let’s think God. Let’s think God-size love and God-size blessings. No one will ever make you feel the way God can make you feel. The bigger He is to you and the bigger your faith will be. No one is like our God. No one!

Suggested reading: Isaiah 55:8-9; Job 26:14; Psalm 147:5



2 thoughts on “There is no one like God

  1. sammey tjones

    THE JOY OF ATHEISM? by Steve Finnell

    Things you never hear an atheist say.

    You never hear an atheist say, “I have experience joy, peace, and fulfillment since I

    became an atheist.”

    You never hear an atheist say, “After I became can atheist my marriage has become a joyful wonderful experience.”

    You never hear an atheist say, “Atheism has made my life worth living.”

    You never hear an atheist say, “Since I realized that there is no God and no hope after death. I am a happy, content person looking forward to death.”




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