Reading the book of your life

I used to read all kinds of books. Most of them had to do with God. Now my main book is the Word of God. I study it. I analyze it. It inspires me. It edifies me. It encourages me. It challenges me. It educates me. I love that I can read the same passages repeatedly and I can find several meanings and gain different revelations with the help of the Holy Spirit. I sometimes pray before I read it so that the Spirit of the Lord would keep my spiritual eyes open and my spiritual ears sharp and ready to receive. The Bible is the central book that covers not only my existence but it covers the world and the universe. It is a global text that never gets old. Now, the Bible mentions that we all have a book written about our lives specifically. David wrote in Psalm 139 that God knew him before he was born and all his days were written in a book. The same goes for you and me. The book of our lives was written long before we were born. Wouldn’t it be great if we could read that book and see what’s in every chapter? It could also be scary or daunting. We are not supposed to know what’s in the entire book. We are to trust God with every page and every chapter.


I am a curious person by nature and I like to know what’s going to happen. I have also learned to let God oversee what is going to happen. It’s not easy but with time and more faith it has become so much easier. I get a peek at the book of my life from time to time through various revelations that the Lord has given to people in my life or to me directly. There is a point of contact with God that can be so tight that His thoughts become ours. I am not saying I am completely there but I am on my way and it has been happening more and more lately. God will reveal passages and pages of the book of our lives on a need-to-know basis. We should be aware of the book He wrote about us and see Him as the supreme author who knew exactly what He was doing when He wrote our book. He knew every sentence, every comma and every period. He knew when a season would start and when it would end. We often have no clue how long a season of our lives is going to last. He knew and He still knows. God doesn’t have amnesia. He didn’t forget what’s coming next. All is asking us to do is trust Him with every syllable, every letter and every full stop!


Can we read the book of our lives? Would God let us read it? When we read a book, we often let our imagination depict characters, situations and sceneries. We have an image of what things look like. We are actively engaging with the text that way. However, we are also passive in the sense that we just let the story unfold and we have no real say in what happens. We passively read and see things happen so to speak. We can read the book of our lives in the same way. We can let things happen and trust the Lord with what happens every day. We should be passive readers of our lives. We shouldn’t try to take the pen away from God and rewrite our stories. The way we can be active is by being doers of the Word of God and letting our God-inspired actions transpire on every page of the book of our lives. We can leave a mark in our books by being Jesus followers, Love givers and Holy Spirit connoisseurs. Be a reader of the book of your life by accepting the story the Lord wrote. Share your story and let it be a testimony for the world to see. God wrote your story and it is beautiful. Embrace it and accept it. It gets better and better. Trust in the Writer of your life!

Suggested reading: Psalm 56:8; Psalm 139:16; Malachi 3:16



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