The best way to start the day

Some people I know start the day by going to the gym. They work out, they do Pilates, weight training or run. I tried starting the day running years ago and it didn’t work for me. I am a gym after-work kind of guy. However, there is one thing I exercise every morning when I wake up. I exercise my faith. I don’t start the day without that amazing exercise. I let my faith speak for me every day. I claim God’s blessings, His love, His protection and the beautiful attributes of His Spirit first thing in the morning. I exercise my faith when I first wake up by giving it a voice. I speak over the day. I proclaim what is going to happen. I voice God’s provision so I can silence the devil’s confusion. I say what God says will happen that day and I visualize the blessings. Faith speaks. It doesn’t stay quiet. Faith is bold. It doesn’t shy away. Faith works with love. It covers others with love. I speak blessings over the lives of loved ones and people I interact with every day. This is for me the best way to start the day. I start the day the “Jesus way” as I like to call it. I identify with Him right away before the enemy tries to give me a wrong identity with the negative thoughts he likes to dump into my head when the day starts. I want to encourage you to start every day on a positive note. Start the day with great affirmations. Start the day exercising the power of positive confessions. It will jumpstart your faith and it will help you give it a good workout throughout the day.


Setting the tone in the morning is crucial. You can either sink your head under a pile of fear and anxiety about the day or you can keep your head above water and look around with the eyes of faith. Keeping a vision of faith for things to come is powerful. Saying it out loud gives it life and it makes it more real to you. We all tend to believe what we hear and if we hear ourselves say it, we are more likely to believe it. It is an exercise. It takes practice but it is worth the time and effort. I suggest coupling that exercise with gratitude. Declare what the Lord says you can expect that day and add gratitude to it. Be thankful for His provision. Be thankful for His love. Be thankful for His protection. Be thankful for His joy. Be thankful for His peace. Be thankful that He won’t leave you. I love to say first thing in the morning that God won’t leave me today. He will be with me every step of the way and I can count on Him all day.


What you say first thing in the morning will stay with you during the day. Say it over and over again. Declare that God loves you so much. Say out loud how much He cares about you and how much He is going to bless you with His love. Claim your rights in His name. Claim your right to His mercy and grace. Thank Him for the cross. Thank Him for His blood. You are covered by His blood and you need to say that out loud. There is power in the blood of Jesus and you need to speak about that power in your life. Talk to your circumstances in the morning. Talk to them about how big your God is. Don’t talk about how big your problems are. They might be gigantic but God can take down any Goliaths in your life with your mustard seed of faith. You are going to make it today and you will make it beautifully in Jesus’s name so let your mind hear you say that. Exercise your confessions of faith every morning. Don’t leave your bed without your morning spiritual workout. Work out every morning no matter how you are feeling. Let the Holy Spirit lead you in the best way to start the day. Have a great day!

Suggested reading: Proverbs 18:20-21; Ephesians 4:29; 1 Peter 3:10



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