When God is our muse 

Let me tell you how much I love Jesus. I love, love, love the Lord! It’s something I used to have a hard time sharing or talking about until I realized that it was too big of a secret to keep. I realized that this love was nothing to be ashamed of because people are openly in love with all sorts of things and all sorts of people. It’s my right and my due diligence to talk about the One I love and to just marvel at who He is. He loved me first. He loved you and me even before our parents. When someone loves you, you should show them respect and love them back. The Lord said “If you love Me, keep my commandments.” (John 14:15). What happens when we keep His commands? Well, He said that He would ask His Father and He would send the Holy Spirit. It is a done deal. The Holy Spirit is here. Jesus sent Him and He is with us. He is a Person, the third Person of the Trinity. He is the Person that was birthed out of love. My encouragement today is for you to love the Lord and love the Holy Spirit even more. Let’s respect them and keep His commands. Let’s work on loving the Lord more and let’s be ok with sharing how much we love Him. 

People often use the ones they love as an inspiration. Jesus is my muse. He is my inspiration every day. I live by Him, through Him and for Him. He inspires me. He motivates me. He makes me want to be a better person. He makes me want to be more like Him. A muse is a source of inspiration for creativity. I am not a creative person but the Lord stimulates creativity in me. I am not talking about artistic creativity but creativity in general. “Imagination” is a good synonym for creativity that helps us understand its meaning even more. I find inspiration for my imagination and my dreams in the Lord. He inspires me to dream big, to think outside the religious box, to think higher than earthly things, to dream up actions that will reveal Him to the world through me. I want my imagination to be saturated by the Lord with the assistance of the Holy Spirit. I aspire to let my creativity be flooded by God’s words and by His love. 

Letting God be our muse is a fun way to live. Why? God is fun. He is full of joy. He wants us to be joyful. He wants us to contaminate others with His joy. He desires for you and me to contemplate Him in prayer and in quiet time and then go into the world and depict what we saw as accurately as we can. You have heard that you might be the only Bible some people will ever read. In order to reflect the Word of God correctly, we ought to not only spend time in It but we should also spend time with the Lord. I say that all the time because it is so vital. The artist needs to stare at his/her muse for a while to get inspired. Let’s stare at the Lord for a while to get inspired. Let’s keep His commands at the forefront of our lives. The Lord is an amazing muse. Let Him permeate all that you do, think or say. Before long you will become a solid incarnation of the best muse ever!

Suggested reading: 1 John 2:3-5; 2 John 1:6; Ephesians 6:24

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