More than enough 

The message today is more of a testimony. I believe it is important to share things that happen to us and that can encourage other people. I like theory but I like application even more. God is a God of application. He’s an active God and it is good to talk about all the things He does in our lives. I often talk about trusting God for blessings and knowing that He cares about our every need. If we engage with God on a personal level, He gets involved in our lives on all levels. I have put my trust in Him when it comes to finances and He has proven time and time again that He loves taking care of that aspect of my life. Surrender and trust go hand in hand. I have been tutoring on top of teaching for over ten years. Tutoring is a very lucrative side business. I also like that it helps find out more about students’ weaknesses and how I can improve my teaching. In January I prayed about my finances including tutoring. Here is what happened after I turned all over to God.

I had heard for a while that God was the God of more than enough but I had not really experienced it. My mentor taught me that faith paves the way for big changes in our lives and when it comes to finances, faith can make a difference. It’s a question of believing that God is interested in our finances and that we can get more than enough. If you are having money issues, take your issues to the bank meaning take them to the One who has all the resources. I had trouble believing in that before. It was not something I focused on and I wasn’t sure where to stand. Do ask Him for help and do believe that He will help indeed. I suggest you do it for yourself and see what happens. I was taken aback by the results. I sat down with my mentor in February and her words of encouragement about finances stayed with me. 

Words of encouragement can give you a great boost. What my mentor reminded me was that with God there are no limits and I needed to trust that. She said that I would tutor a lot this summer and it will just take off like never before. Tutoring last summer was weak. I only gave a few lessons. The summer before was almost nothing. I tutored one girl, one day for one hour. During the school year I did a bit more. Now in June a lady contacted me saying she was wondering if I could tutor her two kids all summer for 6 to 8 hours a week. She had asked one of my friends but he was going to be in Australia most of the summer. Tutoring those two boys was a great blessing and not just financially. They turned out to be great kids that I connected with. I enjoy tutoring them a lot and we even have fun. I was also asked by a high student for private lessons. He needs 10 to 12 sessions. Then another person from another town got in touch with me for weekly tutoring sessions. Now all these people came to me. I didn’t have to go look for them. The way the Lord orchestrated the whole thing is mind blowing. I have tutored this summer more than I have ever had during a summer and during the school year. I will also be tutoring two kids I had tutored before in the next few weeks. They need some refresher lessons. God opened the floodgates. It started with a decision to release it all to Him and to trust even when all was silent. Then the words of encouragement lifted my spirits up and finally it all came together the way God had designed it. Stay encouraged, friend. Surrender and trust. Let God be in charge of your finances!

Suggested reading: Matthew 7:11; Philippians 4:19; Ephesians 3:20


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