New beginnings 

As this new week begins, let’s think about the mercies of God that are renewed every day. Every day is a chance for the Lord to bless us even more than the day before. His mercies are unlimited. Mercy implies compassion and forgiveness. God’s compassion for us is new every day. With compassion comes a whole set of blessings. His love is attached to His compassion. His saving grace is attached to His compassion. His power to deliver us is attached to His compassion. His ability to reverse any situation is attached to His compassion. Be ready for a week of new mercies every day. Be ready for a week of compassion and forgiveness every day. Expect God’s mercies to usher you into the next level of your life. Expect Him to shower you with grace and with heavenly blessings. Expect the unexpected. Expect God’s mercies to bring a fresh awareness of His presence in your life. God has mercy on you and He is going to prove it this week. 

I love the idea of new mercies every day. The new mercies provide new beginnings every day. It’s a brand new start every day. If yesterday wasn’t that great, today could be the day. Today is the day when new mercies will produce new opportunities and new openings. With God’s new beginnings the options are endless. God can open door after door, day after day. He is a detailed God and His doors are specific. He can open doors that you had no idea existed. He can open doors that you thought were reserved for other people. This week you will have seven new beginnings. Seven days of renewed mercies that could steer your life in directions you had never explored. Sometimes God’s blessings look like uncharted territories that are so outlandish that we don’t believe we can ever go there. I am here to tell you that with the Lord no land of blessings is too far for you. With the Lord there are no mountains too high and no valleys too low. New beginnings mean new places in the region of peace, love and joy. 

God is a God of surprises and with His great compassion you just never know what His blessings are going to look like. I started praying recently asking God to surprise me the way He sees best and I confess that I am open to whatever He wants to do in my life. I am open to His new mercies and to His new beginnings. Embracing new beginnings can be difficult at times but if we trust the Lord with everything we should trust Him with new beginnings as well. I suggest you enter this week prayerfully with new beginnings in your heart and with an open mind that supports God’s will. I trust and believe that God has blessings for you that are going to change your life one day at a time. I believe that God has absolutely no intention to stop blessing you every day and you should get on board with this truth. Praise Him and thank Him for this week’s mercies and for new beginnings. God’s plan for you life contain more mercies than you could ever count. Enjoy your week!
Suggested reading: Lamentations 3:22-23; Psalm 86:15; Luke 1:50


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