Things are going to be better than you think 

When I think about my life before I knew the Lord and my life now, it’s like night and day. I used to have very little hope and no faith in the future. Worry was a habit and fear was a daily companion. I am not saying that I don’t worry anymore. It happens to all of us. I don’t spend hours digging a hole into the land of despair. I am more stable now on solid ground. When my mind goes wild and it tries to imagine the worst case scenario, the Holy Spirit tells me “It’s going to be a lot better than you think.” Today it is my turn to say that to you. I heard it from the most trustworthy source and I am passing it on to you. Friend, if you stay in faith, there is no way that things can’t get better. It might take longer than you wish but it’s going to be a lot better than you think. 

People make promises all the time and they sometimes break them. The good thing about the Lord is that He can’t break His promises. What He says He will do, He will do indeed. He promised you and me a good future. Our future is bright if we stay in faith and continue to believe in Him. We can’t avoid ups and downs but the ups will be way stronger than the downs when we follow the Lord. If you are like me, you think about the future and you base it at times on how things happened in the past. What I have learned with the Lord is that our past doesn’t determine our future. The bad things that took place in your life, friend, are no indication of what is coming. If we could only get to the point where we knew that for a fact we would have a more peaceful mind. I want to get there and I want this week to be the week where “It’s going to be a lot better than I think” is a permanent fixture on the walls of my life. 

How are things going to turn out? We can ask the world or we can ask the Lord. The world will have many answers. Most of them will tend not to be too optimistic. The Lord will have one central answer. His answer can take on different forms but they will all point in the same direction. In John 15:7 He says “If you remain in Me and My words remain in you, ask whatever you wish, and it will be done for you.” Let’s the words of hope of the Lord be our words. Let’s proclaim that it’s going to be better than we think because He can do exceedingly more than we expect. God is in control. He has lined up some amazing blessings. Some will come very soon and some will come later but they will come. It’s not going to be as horrible as your head can foresee it. It’s going to be better than you think so hold on to your faith. Don’t lose hope. God knows what He’s doing!

Suggested reading: Romans 4:21; 2 Corinthians 9:8; Ephesians 3:20


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