Have fun while you are waiting for the party 

A few nights ago I had a dream that there was a party in Heaven. The Holy Spirit was singing a song to Jesus and the music that came out of Him looked like colors and there were no sounds. I don’t remember much about the dream but it was breathtaking and it left a great impression on me. The Bible often refers to people celebrating and rejoicing over the Lord in Heaven. We are told that there is rejoicing in Heaven when a sinner repents (Luke 15:10). The heavenly host praises God all the time. It is a big party with very intense joy. There is no tears and no crying in Heaven. How fantastic is that?! When a blessing comes into our lives the joy that accompanies it slightly mirrors the joy in Heaven. Blessings and breakthroughs are good opportunities to celebrate and have a good old Holy Ghost time! Now, are we supposed to have fun in the Lord and rejoice only when the blessing or the party is here? Does God expect us to remain gloomy until we get what we are waiting for? This message today aims at encouraging you to have fun while you are waiting for the party. 

I like to think about what is going on in Heaven now. There is a lot of love flowing all over the place stemming from the Lord who is the center of attention and the focus there. He is the Sun that brightens everything, the source of everything and the adoration of everyone. With the Lord in the middle of all things there can only be bliss and merriment. The angels, the spirits, the elders and the saints are singing about Jesus and exalting His wonderful name. Sadness has no place in Heaven and deception is non existent. As much as I love to think about all the excitement in Heaven, I can’t help but know that the party atmosphere over there is also meant for us here today. If we wait for the sweet by and by to enjoy Heaven, we are missing out. After all we are invited to pray “May Your Kingdom come on earth as it is in Heaven” (Matthew 6:10). Heaven on earth is a biblical reality that we should embrace. 

Fun in the Lord is for us to experience now, today and on a daily basis. The Lord wants you to praise and worship Him because He knows how good it is for you. He inhabits your praises and when you make it a point to lift Him up, He lifts you up to a higher level of joy. Oftentimes the answer to our problem is found in our rejoicing over the Lord. When we rejoice over Him, we shift our focus from our problems to the ultimate problem solver. Praising Him brings us closer to Him. The closer you get, the further you will be from the defeated mindset. Just a touch of His presence and our trials start to look smaller and smaller. Revel in the Lord regularly and your life will take a turn for the better. When you delight in God you release His power into your circumstances and you can be sure that things are going to change in a way that will surpass your wildest expectations. Friend, have fun in the Lord and find joy in Him while you are waiting for your victory. The Lord wants us to have fun and to enjoy life all the time and not just when things are going well. Have a Jesus celebration today and be ready to witness Heaven on earth!

Suggested reading: Psalm 148:2; Romans 12:2; Hebrews 10:36


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