Stay strong

Courage is something we all need and it is uplifting to see that we are told to be courageous many times in the Bible. I find it encouraging because if it said a few times it means that it is doable. We can be courageous. The Lord wouldn’t ask us to do something out of reach. It does often feel like we have to reach out and grab the hand of courage and hang on to it very tight until we make it through. The Lord’s hand is the ultimate hand of courage. If we hold on to Him He will carry us through the worst times in our lives. We need to be courageous and brave indeed. Ephesians 6:10 tells us to” Be strong in the Lord and in His mighty power.” We can be courageous and strong in the Lord. It is not our power and not our strength. I have noticed that when things get really bad, something really good is coming right behind it. It seems that the enemy likes to turn up the heat when a blessing is on the way. He wants to distract us and discourage us and that is why we should be courageous. It might look like things are going to get worse and worse and they do sometimes. However, if we stay in faith even during the trials, we will experience an unprecedented victory. Let’s stay strong. 

I like to think that I can put up with a lot and that I can remain strong in many situations. Then something out of the blue comes up that tests my strength. The only One that gets me through it is the Lord. His comforting voice appeases me. This reminds me of when I am working out at the gym. At times the weights are too heavy and I want to give up. Then my trainer motivates me and his voice helps me. It’s the same thing with the Holy Spirit. When I feel like giving up, His voice inside of me stimulates me. Here is something that has proven to work for me. When the opposition gets strong, I know that the Lord is going to do something stronger. I don’t welcome the opposition but I see it as a sign that something amazingly good is about to take place. When Jesus was born there was a lot of opposition. King Herod tried to get Him killed. Many babies were killed. The enemy knew the King of kings was going to do some major damage to his kingdom. Nonetheless the opposition didn’t get its way and the Savior lived and accomplished the most beautiful thing ever. 

Friend, look at your trials today as a platform to not only exercise your faith but to also show the enemy that truly the Lord in you is stronger than him. Threaten the opposition with the words of the Lord. Don’t give in. Don’t give up. It’s not always easy but stay strong and be courageous. Stay motivated by the voice of the Holy Spirit. His voice is in His Word, in sermons, in music and in prayer as well. You are stronger than you think. It’s time you were reminded of the One who is in you and with you. He can do all things and He certainly can spot you when you are doing some heavy lifting. Stay strong! The enemy wouldn’t be coming at you so fiercely if there wasn’t anything great around the corner. Keep walking and keep going. You are going to make it to the corner of Blessed Street and Amazing Avenue. The Lord has a way to surprise us with unexpected blessings. Don’t lose faith! Your strength is in the Lord!

Suggested reading: Deuteronomy 31:6-8; 1 Chronicles 28:20; 1 Corinthians 15:58


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