In times of turmoil 

Last Friday night I participated in Relay for life, an event to raise money for cancer research. When I arrived at the field where the event was held, I was greeted by a police officer. She is our school resource officer. She escorted me to the spot where I was going to be in a dunk tank. I felt so protected when she was walking next to me. There was no danger in sight but I had extra protection by my side. This reminded me that Jesus is always by our side. He goes where we go and He stands by us. The police officer could have protected me from physical harm if it had been necessary. Jesus can protect us from all types of harm. He is the refuge we need to turn to for all kinds of help. He accompanies us on all the walks we take. He guards us on our spiritual walk, our emotional walk and our physical walk. We are walking with the best! Friend, the Lord is walking by your side day and night. He smiles at you when you wake up and He tucks you in at night. He is an active God and He is involved in our lives if we let Him.

There has been so much unrest and turmoil in the world. The recent attacks in Manchester and in London have left us wondering where terrorism will show its ugly head next. Preventive measures are in place but somehow bad things still happen. Sometimes even the police is helpless. The world doesn’t appear to be a safe place and Jesus mentioned that in His Word. He said “In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.” (John 16:33). He didn’t say “Once you follow Me, there will be no problems and no trials.” These terrible things are bound to happen unfortunately but Jesus is our protector. The world might be falling apart but Jesus makes things fall into place for us so that we always have a way out. He can set things up so that we avoid the worst or we walk through the fire and come out unscathed. Today more than ever we need to consider Jesus’ words and take them at face value. He meant what He said and what He said still stands. We tend to overlook that verse or only focus on half of it. Bad things will happen but we have a Savior who has already conquered the plans of the enemy. Therefore we should hold on to peace and faith. 

I understand it is easier to walk around in fear the more we hear about those violent acts. However, we are encouraged to meditate on the Word of God and meditate on the verses that bring hope and that speak the truth. The truth of the Lord is the one truth we should embrace and accept. As the world speaks a language of hate and violence we should be able to speak the language of love, hope and faith. That language banishes fear and hate. God is our refuge. That should be a given and it should be internalized. He shelters us in times of trouble. Times of trouble can range from a conflict with someone to a massive terrorist attack. He is our secret weapon of no violence. Our weapon of love. He protects us so we can reassure others and show them that the true refuge still keeps His promise to bless and protect. I would misrepresent the Lord if I said we should all live in fear of attacks. What the Lord is saying is “There will be attacks and violence but hang on tight I have taken care of them in a way that they won’t hurt you. Stay in faith.” Let’s hold on to His words in times of turmoil. You are sheltered and protected!

Suggested reading: John 14:27; 1 John 4:4; 1 John 5:4


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