A letter to you

I used to love writing letters and postcards. If I were to write a letter to you today, this is exactly what I would say. 

Dear Friend,

Praise the Lord! He’s got you. He’s got your back and He’s got you in every situation. There is nothing that can escape Him. Nothing in your life is out of reach for Him. The way He is handling your life is the best way possible. God has all the answers, friend. For Him there is no mystery in your life. For Him there are no puzzles He can’t solve. He has all the pieces in His hand and all He is asking is for you to turn to Him for all the missing pieces. He sees you scratching your head and wondering what to do next. His solution to your dilemma is “Praise Me next.” Shut the world down and just praise Him, friend. God delights in you celebrating Him because He knows it’s the best thing for you. Keep trusting Him. You are growing more than you think. Stay connected to Him. Stay encouraged by Him. He loves you more than the mountains and the rivers. He loves you as His most precious possession. He created everything but you, yes you friend, is who He loves the most. Jesus adores you. He is with you all the time. You are the reason why He suffered on that Cross. He died and rose again for YOU. You have resurrection power backing you up. Just let go of the reins. Get back in the passenger seat. Stop trying to make things happen your way. God has a better way. Trust and believe. The world spins to a different beat. Keep the beat of the Holy Spirit and the Lord will spin your worst situations into the best configurations. There are amazing blessings coming your way. Hold on to the promises. Hold on to Jesus. He will never let you down and He will never lead you in the wrong direction. Enjoy the life you have while you are patiently waiting for the beautiful things that are coming. The Lord can’t be defeated. You can’t be defeated. Stay out of your head and stay anchored in the truth. Let your spirit soar with the Lord and go to the altitude that the Lord wants you to reach. I’m looking forward to hearing what the Lord has done for you because He has some great plans for your future. 

Sincerely ,

On behalf of the One who loves you more than you know. 


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