A great week ahead

This week is going to be a great week for you, friend. Why? Because God wants it that way. He wants you to have the best time of your life. The best time of your life is not going to be later in life. It is going to be now. How can you experience it? The best way I know how is to stay in the Lord and get closer to Him. Invite Him into your life constantly. Give up control. Let Him into every part of your life and let Him do what He does best. What He does best is everything but loving you is on the top of His list. Loving you means He has the best fruit of the land in store for you and He planned for you to eat from the best all the time. Get on the same page as the Lord’s. Don’t go too fast. Don’t get to the next chapter before He does a thorough job with your current chapter. The best time of your life should be every day of your life. Live it fully today. Praise the Lord! He has remarkable things on the way for you. 

And God will generously provide all you need. Then you will always have everything you need and plenty left over to share with others.” (2 Corinthians 9:8 NLT version). Do you think this verse is saying that you are going to have more than enough this week? Yes, you better believe it. That’s who God is. The God of more than enough like I mentioned a few days ago. I am sure we can all agree that a life of abundance is a good life. This week is part of your good life. It’s going to be a week where you will understand the things of the Lord better. We are all meant to go from glory to glory and to grow in the Lord. Expect growth this week. Expect to learn and to be taught by the Holy Spirit. Expect wisdom to be your companion. Wisdom is key in discerning the things of the Lord. Pray for more wisdom. It will increase your understanding of the goodness of God and you will see what you couldn’t perceive before. God will provide wisdom generously this week. Believe it. It will happen. 

The challenge of getting closer to God is a lifetime challenge. Isn’t it what we are here for? We are here to advance the Kingdom but in order to do that we have to be very familiar with the King. How can we be someone’s spokesperson if we don’t know him or her well? I want nothing more than to be able to say that I am well-acquainted with God’s mind and I know Him well. Knowing Him better is a huge step toward spreading His love and His messages. Trust in God, friend. He is the best, always! Today thank Him for this week to come. Thank Him because He is going to stand by your side every day. I am not saying that you won’t have any trouble this week. I am saying that despite the adversity, you are going to come out on top. God is your shield and your protector. Don’t worry about anything. Don’t shrink back in fear but rise up in victory. Enjoy your amazing week. God provided it for you. Just for you!!!

Suggested reading: Jeremiah 17:7-8; Psalm 20:4; Numbers 6:24-26


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