Believe in the impossible 

I believe that testimonies can be truly encouraging and uplifting so I want to share what the Lord did for me yesterday. Yesterday was my birthday. I didn’t know what to expect but I started the day the usual way with prayer, thanksgiving and great affirmations. I post my messages daily on WordPress and after prayer I looked at my phone. There was a message from WordPress saying that today was my 500th message. It was quite a milestone that I had never thought I would reach but it all happened thanks to the Lord. It had a special meaning for me because it was my birthday. Birthdays are milestones that remind us of how great our Lord is since He makes it possible for us to see another year. Getting older is a blessing. It surely beats the alternative. 

Getting that 500 message notification first thing in the morning set the tone for the day. It was a way for the Lord to show me that what I didn’t think would happen actually happened. He is in control and He can do the impossible. If there was one present I could give you today and every day, it would be the gift of hope in the Lord and hope in His love. I want my legacy to be about Jesus’ love and about how He does the impossible even when we think things can never change. My prayer is that every single one of you get to experience Him the way we all should. His love is the biggest and most wonderful thing there is in the universe. He is larger than life. 

Now I want you to think about the one thing that you believe is the least likely to happen in your life. Think of something you would like to see happen but you just don’t have enough confidence that it will ever come to pass. Present it to the Lord. Just open your heart to Him and share that one thing with Him. Tell Him you know He is the God of the impossible and that you did what you could on your end and now you are turning it over to Him so He can do what He knows best. God is not idle. He listens. Going to Him with your request shows some degree of faith. That’s all He needs. Give Him faith the size of a mustard seed and He can take it, plant it, run with it and turn into a sturdy tree that produces great fruit. God will take the little you have and give you “the big” He has in return. 

Another unexpected gift showed up in a surprising form. The night before I had prayed twice. I always start with meditative prayer but for once I felt led to go straight into regular prayer. I did that the first time. Then I wanted to pray some more because it was so good. Second time I went straight to prayer again. The next day same thing happened in the morning. No meditative prayer. After work I met up with the one I consider to be my spiritual mentor. She is the one who helped me reconnect with God years ago. We were talking and she said the Lord had shared with her that I should stick to regular payer for a while. Now how awesome is our God! I was dumbfounded. This was exactly what I had felt in my heart but I didn’t even tell her. God of the impossible is here with us, friend. Hold on to Him. Get to know Him better. Make Him your priority always. You will never be disappointed!

Suggested reading: Matthew 19:26; Matthew 17:20; Luke 18:27


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